The Birch City

Umeå, often called “Björkarnas stad” (The birch city) is a unique area where nature, culture, history and city life, (including shopping) can be mixed very easily. For example, you can go snowmobiling or dog sledding and get a day full of unforgettable nature experiences, then enjoy the city’s night and cultural life in the evening.

Welcome to us - be inspired and be impressed of our region!

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The Birch City

Umeå, often called "Björkarnas stad" (The birch city) is a unique area where nature, culture, history and city life, (including shopping) can be mixed very easily. For example, you can go snowmobiling or dog sledding and get a day full of unforgettable nature experiences, then enjoy the city's night and cultural life in the evening. Welcome to us - be inspired and be impressed of our region!


Umeå – The City in the North's Nature

In the Umeå region, mix the wilderness adventure with serene cultural impressions or with exciting activities. Umeå, with its 110,000 inhabitants, is the North's largest city. Here you can find many shops. Dream yourself away during one of the bright summer nights at one of the restaurants along the river, or just take a boat trip. Hiking along the whirling rivers or paddle a canoe in calm waters, are just two popular activities for nature lovers. Guided nature walks, beaver safari and pontoon exist for small groups. For those who love the excitement, we recommended white-water rafting. The area is known for its knowledgeable rafting companies. Älgen House (The Moose House) with domestic elk, Gammlia Open-air Museum, Olofsfors Works and Norrbyskär (an island with its fascinating history), are the most visited attractions in the Umeå. Many curiosity seekers take a trip to "laxtrappan" (the salmon stairs) at "Stornorrfors", the power plant.


From The Birch City to Culture Capital

Umeå received its charter in 1622 and since then, the city has done so well, that it is by far the only city in northern Sweden which has accelerated in growth. There are 3,000 Birch trees, 180 km of cycle paths, 11,000 companies and about 110,000 inhabitants in 2,317 square meters. The University's 29,000 students, makes Umeå stay young and alive, a place where it is always moving and always evolving. The people call Umeå "the Birch City" and goes back to the enormous fire in 1888 when a large part of the city was devastated. When Umeå rebuilt it made broad streets as fire protection and planted the birch trees to prevent any fires from spreading.

See and Do


Angsjön (Lake Swimming)

Lake swimming at Angsjöns Camping. Dining, kiosk, service with shower, docks, playground, volleyball, mini-golf. Sauna and hot tubs are available for hire.

Aquarena Swimming Pool, Storsjöhallen (Swimming Hall)

Umeå newest bathing experience - Aquarena - fits all ages. There are three waterslides; one outdoors, one indoors and one Space Bowl, or "toilet", as it is commonly called, because of its design. That is because it is shaped like a large bowl which goes around and around, then finally into the pool. There is also a Jacuzzi and a children's pool called "Djungellagun." We open our large sun deck during the summer where you can relax in a sun chair, or enjoy an ice cream, play Boule or Frisbee Golf in the park and there is a big playground just outside the Aquarena. At Storsjöhallen is adventure for all ages and in all weather. Storsjöhallen is open all year round. Welcome!
Frejavägen 17, Holmsund
+46 90-16 35 44

Bölesholmarna (Islets) - River Bathing

Bölesholmarna, a stone's throw away from the city center, is ideal for bathing, excursions, walking, recreation and fishing. In the middle of the islets, is a fine bathing area with sandy beaches and open grassy areas. There are changing rooms and restrooms. Around the islets, as well as, the entire area are several grilling places. Walking bridges are from Teg. Child safe area.

Kollo i Täfteå, Bathing

New and very nice area for bathing in the sea, with café, dinghy's, surfing, canoes, volleyball and grilling area, shallow waters.
Directions: From Täfteå, 14 km North of Umeå, turn right on Rovågern 800 m.

Ljumvikens havsbad

Bathing and playground for both large and small children. Mini Golf, boule and volleyball. Kiosk.
Directions: From Umeå, E12 towards Holmsund, about 18 km.

Norrmjöle - Bathing

Shallow waters with a fine sandy beach. Very child-friendly. Kiosk, Camping and Cabins, Bathrooms, Sport activities, Changing room.
Directions: E4, 5 km South of Umeå, turn left towards Norrmjöle/Island. Stöcksjö. After 18 km turn left towards Norrmjöle havsbad.

Pengsjö naturbad - Nature Bath

Pengsjövägen (road) towards Vännäs. Docks, changing room and restrooms.

Stöcksjö - Bathing

A little family friendly bathing place.
Directions: E4, 5 km south of Umeå, turn right towards Norrmjöle/Island. Stöcksjö. After 1,5 km turn right towards Stöcksjö. Drive through the village then turn left.

Ume Lagun (Lagoon)

Heated outside swimming pool, located next to Nydalabadet. 25 m Swimming pool. Family and adventure section with water canals, child lagoon, family lagoon, whirlpools, heated pool - a place full of water attractions. There are two big water slides, a straight and a spiral, each provides high speed journey down into the pool. There is also a competition and with the right techniques, you can enter the "Top Ten" list of those who have gone down the fastest. Kiosk in the area and nearby serving. Disabled. Changing rooms and restrooms are both inside and outside the area. UmeLagun and Nydalabadet interact in terms of service and staffing. Only Ume Lagun requires an entrance fee. Directions: Near E4 about 6 km north of Umeå Center.
Nydala friluftsområde, Umeå
+46 90-16 55 55

Family Activities

4H Gården "Hemmanet" Nydala - Mini Farm

The Mini Farm has calves, pigs, sheep, rabbits and horses, and located near Umelagun and First Camp Nydala. Close to the lake. Here is the opportunity to meet the most common farm animals in a natural and pleasant environment. The 4-H's garden grows vegetables, but you can also enjoy the flowers and other plants. If you want to bake flat bread, it is possible to rent the fine wooden cabin or you could buy fresh baked bread. In addition to refreshments, homemade bread and ice cream, there are also some cultural activities for visitors which are in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet (Adult Educational Association) or you grill sausages and just enjoy the yard. Pony riding is available but quite often, during different times. Open only in the summer.
Nydala, Umeå
+46 90-12 30 80

Adventure Play Park

A large adventure focused playground with a great location. The playground has high climbing nets, trampoline, skateboard, labyrinth, aerial cable way, water games, etc. A great adventure for the family. Handicap friendly restrooms with changing tables and is right next to the playground. Located at the southern beach of Lake Nydalasjöns in Tomtebo, follow the signs from Täfteåvägen.
Nydalaområdet, nära Tomtebo, Umeå
+46 90-16 13 70

Dogsledding in Umeå

Visit Biekke's Siberian Husky Kennel and experience polar dogs in their right environment. Offers a winter experience for groups and families in the Umeå area. The dog sleds depart from Gunnismark / Sävar. The dogs are proud and intelligent - and they love their jobs. Choose from three different packages: Small dog team tour, Large dog team tours or winter packages. For more information visit our website. Note that the season's length varies due to snow.
Gunnismark 401, Sävar
+46 90-971 00

Kayaking in the Umeälven

The island is located in the middle of the city and offers a wide range of beautiful kayak tours. Frifot rents out new kayaks to both individuals and groups. Paddle to the city, go ashore on the island, take a break or glide downstream and see the delta which spreads its beauty up to Strömbäck-Konts Nature Reserve.
Ön, Umeå
+46 76-826 20 65

Nydala Recreation Area

Nydala recreation area has a 12 km long footpath around Lake Nydalasjön. Water slide, diving platform, boats rentals, sauna and surfboards, Miniature golf, Boule, volleyball, off-roading, and a large sport field. Fishing. Serving. Mini-land at Umelagun with electrical soapbox cars and inflatable castle. 4H's mini farm with calves, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks and horses. Cottage can be booked during the summer. Adventure park at the southern shore of lake. Directions: Near E4 about 6 km north of Umeå Center.
Nydalaområdet, Umeå
+46 90-16 16 16

Pontoon boat to Tjarn

The homestead Tjarn dates back to the 1800s is secluded in the beautiful nature along the Lögde River. On the relaxing pontoon, you will be able enjoy the river and its high pyramid shaped sand hills. There is a great chance to see beaver or many other wild animals. Length of Time: About 3 hours (about 40 minutes with the pontoon boat)
Hyngelsböle, Nordmaling
+46 70-301 30 17


Contemporary Art Museum

The art museum is a visual meeting place for the curious. Here is an opportunity to see national and international Contemporary Art that does not appear elsewhere in Sweden. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, graffiti, video and installations, but also photo journalism, design, architecture and science picture world presented in about 15 exhibitions every year. The museum combines a contemporary perspective with a historical retrospect along with a strong element of self production. The museum has free admission and is open all year round.
Gammlia, Umeå
+46 90-786 52 27

Gammlias Open-air Museum

Gammlias Open-air Museum is a part of Västerbottens Museum. Here is a wide range of activities during the summer. Gammlia is a bit of the Västerbottens history. The historic buildings have been moved here from different parts of the county and shows how a farm could have looked in the mid 1800s. - Specially dressed hosts work with the tools and perform tasks of the past gives the area life together with cows, horses, chickens, pigs, goats and geese. Arts and crafts are displayed in the gardens. In the cottage, you can see how they baked flatbread, and even buy a bag to take home. For children between 6-12, special times can be arranged. You get help on the farm, meet the animals and perhaps meet wise old woman. Tickets can be purchased at the fisheries and Maritime Museum. The children's workshop is located at the old school where we exam old and new arts, crafts, and games.
Gammlia, Umeå
+46 90-17 18 00

Västerbackens Sawmill Museum

Västerbacken in Holmsund is a society that was built up around Baggbölesågens lastageplats in the 1850s. The sawmill was about 2 mil upstream from Umeälven and was the county's largest water powered saw. It was owned by the company Dickson & Co. in Gothenburg. The sawed wood floated down to Holmsund, where it was stored and dried before being shipped. The sawmill was discontinued in 1885 and a new one was built on lastageplatsen. On the same site is today is a modern sawmill. Västerbackens Sawmill Museum is housed in one of the old workers living quarters. It tells the story of Holmsund, its' industries and the workers' daily life during different eras. The environment in Västerbacken is well preserved with, among other things, the workers' residence from the 1800s, the mill church, and the old school which is used as an artists studio.
Directions: Västerbacken is located in Holmsund, follow the signs from E12.
+46 70-614 18 30

Västerbottens Museum

Cultural historic county museum. Prehistoric times are primarily depicted in the museum, as well as, the settlers and the lives of the Sami reindeer operations/meeting places. Here you can also learn about Umeå's history. Fishing and Maritime Museum, which is open during the summer, tells the coast's history about seal hunting, shipping and shipbuilding. Swedish Ski Museum with handmade and beautifully decorated skis, snowshoes, and prehistoric and modern skiing equipment. There is also the world's oldest skis, called "Kalvträskskidan". Open year round.
Gammlia, Umeå
+46 90-17 18 00


Lidbergsgrottorna Caves and Hiking Trails

The Nature reserve is above Aspeå with a number of beautiful caves called "tunnelgrottor", whole and half size giant cauldrons, along with other traces from the sea and inland ice abrasive forces. About 800 meters from the car park to the caves. At Lidbergsgrottorna is also a hiking trail.
Directions: 15 km Southwest of Nordmaling. Take the road towards Lögdeå and Aspeå.

With Snowshoes in Umeå!

Snowshoes are a fantastic fun way to get around, and discover winter. gives you the try a different and fun activity on your own, or with the help of a guide. Rent your snowshoes at Umeå the Tourist Information Center and head out with or without a friend. Near the town center are various places to discover, Gammlias hilly forest or perhaps Bölesholmarna in the middle of Umeälven. Guided tours are available and includes equipment and coffee. Tour takes approximately 2 hours. Ö Spöland 72, Vännäs
+46 70-249 88 79


Döbelns Park

Döbeln Park is Umeå's first city park and therefore is of great cultural and historical interest. The park was created around the turn of the century with help from the Garden Society. Since the park is old, many trees and bushes were replanted a few years ago. The goal is to restore the park to its former lushness and beauty. For those with a keen interest in gardening, please pay special attention to the rare trees which include the Northern Red Oak and Hornbeam. Even Laburnum has been planted on a trial basis along the slope, against the river.

Garden in the North

Garden in the North is an area of idéträdgårdar (idea gardens) which were established for Bomässan (fair) in 1987. The permanent exhibition is situated right in the middle of the city center, between the river and the Town Hall. The area consists of five exciting "idea gardens" that show how the short Nordic summer can utilized in the best possible way. Connected to the area, are park benches, outdoor serving and a café boat with great views over the Umeälven (River).
Directions: At the city dock with the boat M/S Vita Björn.

Rådhusparken - The Rådhus Park

Rådhusparken (The Rådhus Park) was built in 1889 to change the area around Älvfasaden and leave an opening up to the city's finest building - the Town Hall. There is also a garden towards the north end, which is an "idea garden" and was built specially for Bo-mäsan (fair) in Umeå,1987. Freely placed centuries-old trees between symmetrical built gravel paths. A central focus of spring water with flower beds and flowers which vary by season.

Worth Seeing

Guided Walking Tours in Umeå

During the summer (mid-June to late August), there are free guided tours where you can learn more about Umeå. For other times of the year, you can book through the Tourist Office. Contact Umeå Tourist Office for more information. The tour guides tell you more about the importance of Umeås location on the river, the streets network model, Main Street's routing, Town Hall, the church and resident placements. Umeå has a long and exciting history that stretches more than 360 years back in time. The whole Umeå's history is actually readable in the cities landscape. During Midsummer in 1888, a fierce fire devastated most of Umeå. During the reconstruction of the city, it was decided to plant birch trees all along the thoroughfare to stop any future fires from burning the city down, again. Consequently, it is how Umeå became to be known as the "Björk city" (The Birch City). Tours start from the Umeå Tourist Information Center at Renmarkstorget (Renmarks Square).
+46 90-16 16 16

Rock Carvings in Norrfors

In Norrfors, you can see rock carvings dating back to 3000-2000 BC. In the summer of 1984, some archeologist students made a startling finding. On the small island called Truthällorna, in the Umeälven (River) the students fround line carvings which had not made by the ice. The discovery proved to be Sweden's northernmost rock carvings. In addition to findings in Norrfors, rock carvings have been found in only one other place in Västerbotten, that is in Sämsjön and it is located between Åsele and Dorotea. Of the 54 rock carvings found in Norrforsen, the majority depict hunting and trapping scenes including 27 moose but 13 figures are uncertain. You can reach the rock carvings via a wooden bridge with a timeline. Nearby, you can also see the remains of Norrfors sawmills, one of the earliest industries in the valley.
Directions: Norrfors along the Umeälvens Rivers northern beach, about 14 km from Umeå center.


Bräntberget (Skiing)

Maria Pietilä–Holmner began her ski career here! Bräntberget is managed in a cooperation between Umeå Leisure and Umeå-Holmsund Ski Club. The hill has a 43 meters drop and the longest slopes are 250 meters. The hill is suitable for families with children, schools, associations and the general public. Big jumps, rails, sledding, and general surfaces are challenges for both large and small. Bräntberget offers: -- Downhill skiing -- Sledding -- 1 Big jump -- 2 ski lifts -- 2 gilling areas and 4 grill cottages -- Restroom -- Free Parking -- 2 Chair Lifts Cold Limits: At minus 20 degrees Celsius or colder the hill is closed. During school holidays, call our voicemail +46 90-16 16 48 for availability. Please note, the season's length varies due to snow.
Bräntberget, Umeå
+46 90-12 42 11

Buberget - Vindelns Traditional Winter Sport Park

Buberget is not only a challenge for the toughest skiers - but there are slopes for all! Slopes are graduated from red (advanced) to green (beginner). There are five slopes and four lifts one of whom is a children's lift. You'll find winter camping for caravans, a large park, ski-rental and serving in the friendly storstugan (Large Cottage). - Chair Lift - Children's lift, free under 7 years - Serving - Ski rental-slalom, snowboarding and Telemark skiing. - Caravan camping with electricity.
Buberget 92232 Vindeln
+46 933-108 71, 613 68

Umevatoriet - Planetarium

In the Planetarium on Umevatoriet, you can star gaze despite the fact it is sunny outside. The lookout tower has a telescope for which to unlock the universe's secrets in the starry nights. With your own eyes, you can see 6000 stars, just think of the details you could see if your pupils were 35 centimeters in size because that is the measurement of Umevatoriet's telescopes. Would you like to get a look at our nearest star, the sun, is a solar telescope mounted on top of the main telescope. When solar activity is high, there are many sunspots you can explore. There is also a greater chance to see the famous northern lights. Umevatoriet owns a planetarium - an artificial night sky - directly imported from Japan. It shows what is happening out there in space, or quickly go through a day or a year in the universe. Regardless of the season and the weather, you are guaranteed clear starry night and no risk of frostbite. There are shows in the planetarium, a guided star tour, a quick class in how telescopes function and learn a lot about the stars and planets. Of course, you also have the opportunity to look through our large telescope, which can be found in the dome.
Umestans Företagspark, hus 56, Umeå
+46 90-786 94 83, +46 70-246 79 19


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