Welcome to Borås!

Tour Borås! Here you will find activities for the entire family. Visit the Borås Zoo and see the wild animals, or test and discover new things at Navet (Science Center), or see parts of our history in our museum. And do not forget to take a dip in the city park pool!

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Borås Tourist Bureau
Österlånggatan 1-3, Borås
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Welcome to Borås!

Tour Borås! Here you will find activities for the entire family. Visit the Borås Zoo and see the wild animals, or test and discover new things at Navet (Science Center), or see parts of our history in our museum. And do not forget to take a dip in the city park pool!

See and Do


Stadsparksbadet - The City Park Pool

The City Park Pool with 27 degrees in the water and 29 degrees in the air. With a wave pool for the brave, or try your skills at climbing the wall. Adventure bathing in a tropical environment - here you can swim year round! For the little ones - a shallow children's area, a water-spraying squid and many floating toys. There is also a water canon, cave, jumping platform and water slide, as well as, the pool for swimming, whirlpools, sauna and solarium. Relax with a little picnic food or buy something good at the cafeteria.
Sven Erikssonsgatan 29, Borås
+46 33-35 73 99, +46 33-35 73 43

Family Activities

Borås Zoo

The Borås Zoo was inaugurated 1962 became a large resurrection. To let the animals ramble freely in large installations and to have animals living together in the wild - was completely new. The big savanna with African animals are still the heart of the park. Nowadays, you also can rhinoceros and cheetahs living side by side in the same area. The Borås Zoo is the only one of its kind in Europe. The Zoo participates in a number of preservation programs in order to preserve endangered species. Species such as the African elephant, White Rhinoceros, Siberian Tiger, Orangutan and also large Swedish predators. The zoo consists of 40 natural scenic hectares of wilderness and animal establishments, walking trails, grill areas, playgrounds, and cafes which makes Borås Zoo a popular destination for large and small. The park is located near the heart of the city - which does not make it worse!
Fristadsvägen 24, Borås
+46 33-35 32 77

Navet - Science Center

At NAVET, you can test, press, feel and experiment. Play a game in Baghdad, climb into a heart, avoid setting off the alarm and feed the dragon! NAVET has challenges of various kinds, try out what you can or what you dare. New for this year is "Förändringsresan" - try this one too! NAVET has taken the first step with the big "Förändringsresan" - a car, beef and a home! With a focus on the environment and humans in the sustainable society, NAVET links together the natural sciences and playfully shows what each one of us can do for the future. A large part of NAVET has been rebuilt with the new Experiment Stations and Exhibition Models. Here you can find the KRAV-shop, a waste station where you can compete to see who can sort the fastest and correctly, a large globe to lean on, a grove that shows the cycle of carbon atoms, a model of shining lights in various long lines that show emissions and the energy consumption of different vehicles - and lots of other things.
Nybrogatan 9A, Borås
+46 33-41 00 09


Almedahls Fabric Museum

The museum depicts the company's history and shows a selection of white commodities, printed fabrics and tablecloths which have been made over the century. Almedahls fabriksförsäljning (Fabric Shop) is next to the museum and offers a wide range of linens, terry cloths and fabrics.
Stationsvägen 2, Dalsjöfors
+46 33-48 01 00

Borås Museum

Borås Museum is located at "Ramnaparken" (Park) which is an open-air museum with 13 buildings and a beautiful location. The various houses shows the building traditions and ways of life in the through the centuries. The buildings have been moved here from various parts of "Sjuhäradsbygden" (Sjuhärads District). Here you'll find interesting exhibits describing the history of Borås, crafts and folklore. The museum was inaugurated in 1912. In the park you'll find the beautiful "Ramnakyrkan" (Church), with its roots from the 1690's, and was moved to the museum from Kinnarumma Parish in 1912.
Ramnaparken, Borås
+46 33-35 85 80

Textile Museum

The Textile Museum is an experience and resource center for children and adults. Here you can see textile development as see the technical history and the production history through a human perspective.
Druveforsvägen 8, BORÅS
+46 33-35 89 50

The Library Museum

Exhibits the old library and society, book collections and more from the 1800s and up until today.
Sturegatan 36, Borås
+46 33-35 76 20


Knalleleden - Hiking

There are many fine hiking trails around Borås that take you through the forests and the cultural landscape. Hiking trail maps of Borås are available at the Tourist Office.

Rya åsar - Hiking

Take a hike in one of the most exciting nature areas of Sjuhärads District. The many hiking trails take you through the beautiful nature and can lead to some fantastic picnic areas, small lakes and also look outs with fantastic views over Borås and Lake Öresjö.


The City Park in Borås

There is a rose collection and several thousands summer flowers. During the summer, there are sun chairs, exercising by "Friskis & Svettis", mini-golf and evening concerts. There is also a summertime cafe where you can buy ice cream, waffles and hamburgers.

Worth Seeing

Hedareds stavkyrka - Church

Visit Sweden's only preserved medieval stave church located in Hedared, along Route 180 towards Alingsås.

Torpa Stenhus - Castle

One of the country's best-preserved medieval castles. The property was a manor for Noblemen already in the Middle Ages. The High Council Arvid Knutsson lived at Torpa in the late 1400's. He was also responsible for building the manor and the oldest core still remain, even after several refurbishment's.
Torpa Gård, Länghem
+46 33-26 13 24

Vänga Mill

Beautifully situated along the Säveån (River), is the Vänge Mill, a Café, an Art Gallery and factory located just outside of Fristad, (North of Borås). The cozy café serves coffee and sandwiches. The bread is baked with the flour made at the mill. The Art Gallery presents various exhibitions during the summer. Jazz is played on various Saturdays. During the summer, you can enjoy live music entertainment, every Sunday and Wednesday and even on Sundays during Advent.
+46 33-26 81 43



Along Route 40, West of Borås lies Boråstorpet - Sweden's finest rest area. The old house, which has been thoroughly renovated, is from 1830 but the story begins in the 1790s. In addition to the usual services found at the Swedish Road Administration's resting areas, there are also walking trails, playgrounds and grill area. Boråstorpet is open for easy serving and tourist information from May - September. The Borås Tourist Office can provide you with the opening hours.


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