Welcome to Arvidsjaur

Located in the middle of Lapland, 100 miles North of Stockholm and 11 miles South of the Arctic Circle, lies Arvidsjaur. Take yourself to the sparkling snow, ice and cold in winter or the heat and the eternal light in summer, go by air (to Arvidsjaur airport) or by night train and direct bus connections.


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Arvidsjaurs Tourist Bureau
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Welcome to Arvidsjaur

Located in the middle of Lapland, 100 miles North of Stockholm and 11 miles South of the Arctic Circle, lies Arvidsjaur. Take yourself to the sparkling snow, ice and cold in winter or the heat and the eternal light in summer, go by air (to Arvidsjaur airport) or by night train and direct bus connections.


Arvidsjaur - In the Middle of Lappland

Arvidsjaur is located in Lapland about 90 miles North of Stockholm and 11 miesl South of the Arctic Circle. The municipality has approximately 6,900 inhabitants, of whom 5,100 live in the urban area of Arvidsjaur. There is also a lake with the same name. Arvidsjaur is Sami and means "The Bountiful Sea".

The industry is dominated by the forest industry, tourism industry and the public sector, including the Army Jägarbataljon (Battalion).

Arvidsjaur has a favorable entrepreneurial climate. Today, approximately 400 companies are operating in the municipality. A close cooperation with other in the industry and businesses helps to resolve issues in a flexible way and quickly. Many car testing companies doing business in Arvidsjaur.

Today, homes are built in Arvidsjaur and we have extend the airport runway along with digging heating conduits. This is to cope with the car test industry's expansion and the more than 100 new jobs within AMS and the insurance fund that has established itself in the locality.

Communications with Arvidsjaur are good. Arvidsjaur has an airport with ICAP status. From Arvidsjaur Airport, there are daily trips to Stockholm.


Arvidsjaur's History

Historically, Arvidsjaur is "Sami land." The area was colonized late by the Swedes. The first settlers lived in the municipality in 1757, when Per Israelsson-Kack came to the are and began a settlement.

Yet at the end of the Middle Ages, the Sami's were only slightly influenced by Christianity. About 1570, a small chapel was built in the former market place in Arvidsjaur. In 1607, a new church was completed and then in the 1640's Arvidsjaur had it's own parish. The population was still quite Sami.

Recently, there has been archaeological research which can trace findings back to thousands of years ago. Interesting findings were found in excavations on Gullön Island and Lake Malmesjaure, in the northern municipality. Dug up were traces of hunters and fishermen and their camp sites. Catching pits for wild reindeer have been found at the northern edge of the lake of Lomträsket and from several other places, and represents "Memories" from our past.

We believe the population of Norrbotten (probably Sami ancestors), had their settlements east of the current Lappland border. The current vast and densely populated villages along the coast was then still underwater, and the few inhabitants lived from what the woods and the water could provide. Inland was the great hiking area and during that time had inexhaustible resource of game, fur animals and fish.

During the latter part of the Middle Ages, the coastal's permenant population grew which increasingly encroached upon the Saami's and pushed them out from their old hunting grounds and fishing waters. Farmers, particularly the legendary "Birkarlarna" (big farmers and merchants at the same time) mediated the exchange of goods with more southerly parts of the country. For some years there were incredible amounts of different types of furs traded from Lapland. The glorious fur trading days did not last long because of heavy taxation. At the beginning of the 1600s, the hunting trade declined to almost nothing.

Arvidsjaur was a church town featuring church festivals and markets. The town church was divided into three parts. "Lappstaden" still remains, the oldest church of the city, and the principal memory of the Sami's forest culture and villages along with the Swedish settlers contact at the markets and church festival over the centuries. Even today, "Lappstaden's" huts and cottages made by the Samis in the 70's are shown at major church festivals.

A second part consisted of "borgarstaden", where merchants from Piteå owned stables and houses which they stayed in during particular markets.

The third part was "bondstaden", which started in the late 1700s, when Arvidsjaur also had a population of settlers and farmers. Earlier, the town church was just West of the present population, at the intersection of the roads Arvidsjaur - Arjeplog - Jokkmokk, where the remnants can still be seen. In the 1820s, the town church was moved to it's current place.

Now a new era came with higher living standards and improved communications. Arvidsjaur has always kept himself well to the future, both socially, culturally and economically.

See and Do


Abborrträsk Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pools in Abborrträsk (located on Silvervägen, Road 95 towards Skellefteå) and operated by the company of Abborrträsk Bygdeförening. The basin is powered by solar cells (under construction) and holds the temperature to about 25 degrees. At the basin there is a miniature golf course. Free Bathing.

Adventure Pool in Arvidsjaur

- Adventure Pool with a stream slide, massage stations, whirlpool, water gun, jet stream, 38-meter seamless water slide, splash pool
- 16-meter swimming pool, with a 1-meter divingboard
- 4 meter high climbing wall
- Combined steam and wood burning saunas

There is a kiosk where you can buy coffee, soda, candy and ice cream. Please bring along your own picnic basket and enjoy it at one of our tables along the pool.

In summer we also offer;
- 50-meter heated outdoor pool with slide.
- Alligator teeth in the outdoor pools during the summer
- Children's pool
- A large green area with bouncy castle, trampoline, volleyball court.
- Boulebana
- Mini Golf
- Hope Hagar
- Croquet and game logs.
- Kiosk outdoors with coffee, soft drinks, candy and ice cream.

In summer you can bathe both outside and inside of the entrance fee.

Want to know more, please contact us!
+46 960-157 74

Glommersträsk Outdoor Swimming

In Glommersträsk (located on silvervägen, road 95 towards Skellefteå), the municipality has a temperated swimming-pool facility. There is a 16x8 meter swimming pool and a 4x8 meter children's pool. Pool temperature is 25 °.

The bath is open during the summer holidays. Swimming classes are organized various weeks during the summer.
Mini Golf Courses "in the area.
Daytime swimming is manned by lifeguards.
In Glommersträsk, you can swim and play miniature golf for free!
+46 70-228 39 48 (endast sommartid)

Moskosels Outdoor Swimming

In Moskosel (located on inlandsvägen, Road 45 towards Jokkmokk) the municipality has a temperate swimming-pool facility.
There is a 16x8 meter swimming pool and a 4x8 meter children's pool.
In Moskosel, the water is heated using solar energy.
The pool is open during summer holidays.
Mini Golf Courses are in the area.
Daytime swimming is manned by lifeguards.
In Moskosel, you can swim and play miniature golf for free!
+46 70-663 34 06 (endast sommartid)

Family Activities

Båtsuoj Sami Center

A wonderful experience where you can enjoy the magical life in the woods and harmonize with nature and animals around you.
Båtsuoj, Gasa

Orrkammens Go-Kart

Become a Rally Driver for a day. Go-kart track, cross-cart track and outside serving.



Fishing has a long and genuine tradition in the districts and is an important source of supply. Even today fishing plays an important role because it helps to make people feel good in a complex world.

Arvidsjaur Municipality has over 4,000 lakes, ponds and streams. A very large proportion of those are granted by Domain card and in addition about 20 Fishing Associations, Fish Conservation Zones and Fishing Clubs. Currently, our busiest waters are the AssiDomän Stocking Lakes with boats and cottage rental, the Piteälven River, Byskeälven River and Nyborgstjärn.

Guided Fishing Tours

Abborrträsk Nature Safari
+46 960-501 25, +46 70-573 37 36

Guided Fishing Tours

Carpe Diem AB
+46 70-256 45 75


Hängengården in Glommersträsk (Historical Museum)

Hängengården in Glommersträsk is one of Lapland's premier local historical museums. Here is self-catering from the 1800s, with twelve buildings and over 3,000 everyday items dating back to the first settler's family from 1757.
+46 960-202 91

Lappstaden in Arvidsjaur

Visit Lappstaden, located in central Arvidsjaur - the world's largest preserved Sami Town with Goahti's from the late 1700s. Lappstaden has never been anyone's permanent residence, and has only been used for markets and church festivals. Even today, the Goahti's are only used by their owners during the so-called "Storstämningshelgen", a festival celebrated the last weekend in August, every year. Then there are competitions, auctions and much more.

The Old Parsonage Historical Museum

Magnus Berlinvägen 24, Arvidsjaur
+46 960-124 28


Nature Reserves

There are 19 nature reserves, 21 Natura 2000 sites,of which 3 are rivers (15 others are also nature reserves) and 3 Natural Heritage sites. Visit our website for additional details and maps.


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