Welcome to Härnösands Municipality!

An Experience Year Round
In Härnösands Municipality there are a host of events and activities for all ages!

Culture and Music
Visit the fascinating County Museum on Murberget, learn more about how the world works at Technichus House or visit any of the musical and cultural events!

Sports, Swimming and Nature
In Härnösand, there are over 400 associations and plenty of sporting opportunities throughout the year. Wonderfully close to the sea and a beautiful landscape around every corner.

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Welcome to Härnösands Municipality!

An Experience Year Round
In Härnösands Municipality there are a host of events and activities for all ages!

Culture and Music
Visit the fascinating County Museum on Murberget, learn more about how the world works at Technichus House or visit any of the musical and cultural events!

Sports, Swimming and Nature
In Härnösand, there are over 400 associations and plenty of sporting opportunities throughout the year. Wonderfully close to the sea and a beautiful landscape around every corner.

See and Do


Large Selection of Bathing Areas

In Härnösand, there are many beaches - large and small, so there is a good chance you will find a favorite place!

Smitingen in the Center
Smitingen Beach, with its large sandy beach and lovely long shallow waters, is the largest and most visited of all our beaches. Here you can relax at the cafe, enjoy an ice cream or play volleyball! The beach has handicapped facilities, with ramp and HWC.

Peaceful Environment
If you want to enjoy the sun and the sea in a peaceful environment then Svartvik or Sjöviken are great alternatives. Or, why not take a trip to Hemsön Isand and visit Sågsand? Among the inland beaches, Stallarna och Snibben are popular. Many of our beaches are easily reachable by bicycle from the center of Härnösand.

Antjärns Camping: On E4, about 10 km Southwest of Härnösand is Antjärns camping. Even if you are not camping, you are welcome to bathe in our beautiful lake. There is also a mini-shop at the campsite.

Brånsviken: A little inland lake with a sandy bottom at Lake Långsjön, about 12 km West of Härnösand.

Byviken: A pleasant beach on the sea.

Finsviken: A small inland beach in Ulvvik at the foot of Mount Uvberget. There are grassy areas to spread a blanket on and the lake has a nice sandy bottom. Finsviken is located about 12 km North of Härnösand.

Lake Grötsjön: The beach at Lake Grötsjön lies near the road, so it is easy to access. There is even a changing cabin.

Sjöviken: Beautiful sea bathing at Härnön's Eastern beach. Sjöviken is located about 7 km from Härnösand.

Stallarna: A pleasant beach at Lake Brunnesjön that is very popular for families. There is even a grill area. Located about 15 km West of Härnösand.

Starred: A wonderful beach at Lake Gussjön.

Svartvik: A beautifully situated beach on the sea and is very popular with families. Svartvik is about 10 km South of Härnösand.

Sågsand: A fine bathing area located at Lake Hemsöns Eastern beach.

Sälstens Camping: A nice sandy beach on Härnön Island about 2 km from the city center. Here is a popular campground and grill area at the old boat house. Of course you are welcome to bathe, even if you do not camp!

Viksjöbadet: A beach at Lake Viksjön about 35 km Northwest of Härnösand. From Lake Viksjö, it is not far to Västanå Nature Reserve. Read more about the nature reserve!

Åvike: A beach on the sea in Häggdånger about 20 km Southwest of Härnösand.

Family Activities

Technichus (Science Center)

Meeting place for the curious and eager to learn - a scientific adventure. The permenant exhibitions are the experimental stations such as; the health care section, where visitors are free to take care of patients, however, brain-ball measuring who is the most relaxed, chromakey-studio showing how to manipulate films and place participants in a different environment, snowboard simulator, paper engineering and more. Also temporary exhibitions and events. The Café Galaxen serves coffee, ice cream, cakes and sandwiches.
+46 611-34 96 30

Vårdkasens Slalom

Slalom slope, 550 meters, with two lifts. Coffee Cabin and lookout tower. The hill opens when there is sufficient snow and on average continues to July. Ski rental and heated cabin.
+46 611-213 14



Däldtjärnarnas Fishing Club
Rainbow trout, Hornavan char and trout. Wilderness Character. Fly-and spin. One rod per person.

Hamretjärnarnas Fishing Area Associations
Trout, mountain trout, perch, American Arctic char. Långtjärn has a put & take fishery with periodic releasing of rainbow trout. Windbreakers, out-house and grill sites at each area.

Helgums and Gådeåns Fishing Area Associations
Lake Nässjön: pike, perch, and roach. Helgumsån and Gådeån Rivers: sea trout. Fishing Licenses can be purchased at Hellstrand Tobacco and Team Sportia.

Häggdångers Fishing Area Associations
Pike, perch, roach, trout, burbot, pike perch, and eel. Rich with fish and easily accessible waters. Antjärns Camping is next to E4.

Härnö Fishing
Offers guided fishing boat trips along the coast. Trolling and spinning for trout. Boat rentals are also available, and even boat trailers. A weekly rental for a boat includes; delivery and pick-up at the nearest launching ramp within a 5 mile radius from Härnösand. Tours and boats suitable for businesses and private individuals.

Högsjö Fishing Area Associations
Different fish in different lakes. Perch, pike, roach, trout, char, and rainbow trout. Well-developed special vehicles make the waters readily accessible. Snibbens 4-star campsite is alongside Lake Mörtsjön.

Mjällåns Fishing Area Associations
20 ponds and lakes. The main attraction is the Mjällån River with its sea trout, brook trout and grayling are available here.

Rainbow trout and perch. Put & take.

Guest Harbour

Guest Harbors

There are plenty of harbors to visit for those touring our pleasant waters!

Everything from large and well-visited ports with well-developed service and lots of activities, to small and medium-sized marina's with a more limited range of services.

Here are also a number of harbors within walking distance for those who just would like a day trip, with Härnösand as a starting point.

There are three harbors in central Härnösand. At the southern straits swimming hall, at the boat house in Nattviken and at the harbor at Skeppsbron (bridge).


Birgitta Museum

Medical History Museum at Härnösands hospital. Main entrance via the Northern entrance. Free admission.
Härnösands sjukhus, Södra vägen, Härnösand
+46 611-147 36, +46 611-201 84, +46 611-210 86

Janne Vängmantorpet (Cottage)

Johannes Vänglund was a peculiar man with a very special language. He said what he thought without regard to others. The author JR Sundström quickly created the character Janne Vängman, and he followed the men closely. It is these experiences which later became the Janne Vängman books. Summer café, museum, cottage nights, theater and auction.
+46 611-404 31

Murberget Open Air Museum

The open air museum is a Northern Swedish farmers society in miniature form. Here are several urban environments that tells of the life in central Norrland during the 1800s and early 1900s. During the summer, Murberget livens up with hosts dressed in typical clothes of that time, then tells about the buildings, people and jobs. There are daily activities in a number of the surroundings.
Murberget, Härnösand
+46 611-886 00

Västernorrland County Museum

Västernorrland County Museum, formed in 1978, is a foundation with a mission to manage the collections, buildings and land areas, and make them available to the public. The building "Hässja" on Murberget was inaugurated in 1994 and it's where you can visit the permanent exhibitions.

Some of the permanent exhibitions offered:
Modern times
Modern times tells about people's dreams. With help from estate inventories, diaries, letters and portraits, we have come closer to the people.

From the 1700s, you meet Sigrid Olofsdotter from Nätra. Her textile Dream House, the wheel of life with articles of various life events, daily life in the kitchen and rewards for quality.

From the 1800's you will find heroic captains, emigrants and mothers who toiled with nödårsersättningar (distress year) 1867, "a terrible year." Here is how the life's bread was baked using barque and chaff, emigrant's luggage, and live rats - man's constant companion.

In our own time, a living person plays the main role. His life represents the sawmill era in Ådalen and Ångermanälven, "dragspelsälven". The Pavilion's exterior is filled with images from everyday life and pictures from an old album. An entire wall is dedicated to accordians.

In Modern Times, we end the journey with the county's history. Here, we tell our own history.

The Meeting Between The Rivers
In the exhibition, people meet nature, technology and materials. Here, the coast meets the inland, trapping in a peasant society, the forest mist and the fields dusky light.

Vision for The Legend
The exhibition displays "ground breaking" with objects of stone and metal from 1200's and onwards. During the 1500s, there was an illegal marketplace in Härnösand. The laws were determined by the King and Archbishop. In 1674 and 1675 many were ravaged by wizardry processes. Men, women and children were accused of associating with the devil, and many were sentenced to death. How could people have been so scared and blind in a great country like Sweden?

Murberget Open Air Museum
We also offer the open-air museum called Murberget, which is one of the largest of its kind. Here are several urban environments that tells of life in central Norrland during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Included in Murberget, is Västernorrland County Museum and includes the old chapel of Ulvö and the old farm at Lake Myckelgensjö which is located in Örnsköldsvik Municipality.
+46 611-886 00


Nature Reserves

Härnösand's Municipality has six nature reserves!
Perhaps the most popular is Smitingen with its sea, caves and geology trails. In Västanå, you can also ride Icelandic horses, visit Västanå Naturum (Information Center) and of course see the waterfall.
Vårdkasmalen is a big shingle beach. Vägsjöknösen is a coastal reservation for protection of the forest and bog. Häggberget is a pine coniferous forest with rich mushroom flora. In Brånsån, there is a large stock of mussels and has river crayfish.

Worth Seeing

Barsvikens Chapel

From the 1500-1600, the Gävle fishermen came to Barsviken and in the 1700s built a chapel in the bay. The chapel was inaugurated July 10, 1762. Erich Hohl presented a "Halmkrona" (decoration) to the church. In 1771, O Strandberg registered the chapel bell which had the inscription "Skarpuddens Capell" (Bright Uddens Chapel). There is also a canvased oil painting which features a high ranking official, most likely a portrait of Hans Strijk, the County Governor of Härnösands from 1645-53.

Hemsö Church

The church is located on Hemsö Island in the Ångermanälven outlet and built from 1859-65. The church is built of wood, then renovated in 1987-88 and can seat about 200 people. A popular summer church.
+46 611-55 94 00

Hemsö Fortress

Here you can visit a military installation from the Cold War. Hemsö Fortress was one of the country's most secret military defense facilities. Deep into the mountains at Hemsön, a top secret underground fortress was built. From here, 500 men were ready to defend Sweden from an attack.

The nuclear arms facility was built for 1 billion SEK and has long underground passageways. See the Command Center, gun towers, infirmary, mess hall and more.

Military Museum, cafe and cafeteria, with possibility for accommodations. Scheduled ferry connections.
+46 611-672 00

High Coast Bridge Project

The High Coast Bridge is part of the High Coast Project, which includes 32 new European Roads and 35 bridges. The bridge was built between 1993-1997 and is one of the world's longest suspended bridges with a total length of 1800 meters. At Hornöbergets Information Facility, at the North end, is an exhibition about the High Coast Project.

Häggdångers Church

Häggdångers oldest church built in the 1200s. The current church was opened in 1785. The church's oldest peice of furniture is an unique Italian chasuble from the 1400's and Madonna's from the 1700's. The organ in the church was a new investment from 2000-2001.
+46 611-55 94 00

Härnösands Cathedral

Sweden's smallest cathedral.
+46 611-245 25

Högsjö Old and New Church

Overlooking Lake Mörtsjön was Högsjö Old Church which was a small ship-shaped church in late medieval form. In 1721, all medieval furniture was destroyed when the Russians burnt down the churches along the Norrland Coast. Högsjö's new church was built in the late 1700s, and is located a few kilometers South of the old church.

Murbergs Chruch

The church was built 1925-29 and is a reconstructed Norrland medieval church. The medieval churches in Hackås, Jämtland, Ramsele, and Ångermanland were used as models. The church is decorated with lime paintings by the artist Gunnar Torham and are borrowed from several other churches. The interior comes from different parishes in Medelpad and Ångermanland. The cemetery is surrounded by a garden wall with two-stage gates which are copies from the Trönö Church in Hälsingland.
Murberget, Härnösand
+46 611-886 10

Säbrå Church

The church was built after the Russian ravaging year of 1721 and got its present appearance in 1758-59. The Priest's farm, an old Bishops farm, was built in 1814, and is where Bishop Franz Mikael Franzen died in 1847. Today, it operates as the head office for Säbrå, Häggdånger and Hemsö associations. The Farm was renovated in 2003 and houses the pastors expedition.
+46 611-55 94 00

Ulvö Old Chapel

Built in 1622, and includes beautiful murals.
+46 660-22 40 93


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