Falun - Full of Sights, Nature, Culture, Sports and Activities

Welcome to the World Heritage Site of Falun - a pleasant mix of old and new. Visit the famous world heritage site of the Falun Mine, it's city and buildings, or any of the following; the fantastic Carl Larsson-yard for the art, design and gardening enthusiasts, the Linnaeus wedding cottage with the Linnaeus Garden, the well-known Lugnets Sports and Recreation Area, the large variety of activies offered at Lake Runns, both summer and winter, and the popular events throughout the year, the lakes are well-stocked and you can do much, much more. In Falun, it is impossible to be bored - no matter the season.

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Falun - Full of Sights, Nature, Culture, Sports and Activities

Welcome to the World Heritage Site of Falun - a pleasant mix of old and new. Visit the famous world's heritage site of the Falun Mine, it's city and buildings, or any of the following; the fantastic Carl Larsson-yard for the art, design and gardening enthusiasts, the Linnaeus wedding cottage with the Linnaeus Garden, the well-known Lugnets Sports and Recreation Area, the large variety of activies offered at Lake Runns, both summer and winter, and the popular events throughout the year, the lakes are well-stocked and you can do much, much more. In Falun, it is impossible to be bored - no matter the season.

Surrounded by forest, Falun is a World Heritage Site. Elsborg was built up during the 1600s and was a mining district. Even today, many of the streets and houses are preserved. The mine worker's districts were the Old Manor and Östanfors. In Östanfors, Carl Larsson had his city residence. Discover and experience Falun alone or join one of the dramatic city tours. Take yourself back in time while you enjoy and listen to the remarkable history.


Stroll, Shop, and Enjoy Falun

We invite you to enjoy our historical city - even with our ancient history and traditions, does not mean that our city slumbers in the past. On the contrary, Falun is very much a futuristic city with a pulsating heart, which we quite rightly refer to as the core of Dalarna's street life with many cafés, restaurants, outdoor cafés, well-stocked department stores, shopping areas and a wide variety of boutiques. Falun's City Center is full of life, so take a stroll, shop and enjoy our wonderful city.

Culture Bicycle Tours
Falun's beautiful nature and exciting mountain countryside is highly recommended. There are plenty of fine paths suited for cycling. Or, pack your backpack, put on your hiking shoes and go out and enjoy Gods country. We promise you great natural and cultural experiences you will never forget. If you prefer to fish, we offer very good fishing in the area. Our streaming river waters are full of precious fish. The perch are napping in the dark ponds and the old pikes are waiting in the bays.

See and Do


Lugnet Swimming Hall & Outdoor Pool

The swimming hall offers a 25 meter pool, a learning pool, a splash pool, diving platform and relaxation area with whirlpool. The center also bursts with activities such as water gymnastics, motion swimming and also evening dives from the diving tower.

You can rent a wet belt any time and run a few kilometers in the water or visit the relaxation area and enjoy the whirlpool and sauna - a wonderful alternative for those who like to relax for a while - rentals are available.

The outdoor pool area is open during the summer and is a swimming and bathing facility with temperate water, a 50 meter pool and a pool for lessons, (25 x 12 meters). There is a water slide and free-fall. The facility is also great for kids and offers a specialized splash pool.
Lugnetvägen 5, Falun
+46 23-835 00


Year-round: Indoor pools - Lugnet, Bjursåsbadet

Summer: Outdoor pools - Lugnet and Slättabadet

Falun also has many fine swimming lakes with outdoor pools.

Family Activities

Falu Mine, Mine Museum and World Heritage

Stora Kopparberget (The Great Copper Mountain), it's industrial historical landscape and Falun is proudly, a World Heritage Site.

Falun Copper Mine has always fascinated visitors. Carl von Linné described it as "Sweden's largest underground, but scary as hell." A visit to the mine is a great experience, and an exciting guided tour can take you through the centuries. In addition, the Mine Museum reflects the mine's 1,000-year history.

The Mine Museum's Mint Cabinet displays history through wide variety coins, from small coins - up to enormous plate coins. Different methods of iron production are on display by pictures and models, and there is also a collection of minerals from all over the world.

On the historic ground at the Falun Mine, visitors are informed it is a World Heritage Site - the visitors center and gateway raises the curiosity and desire to visit the different parts: The Mine Landscape, The Urban Landscape and the Master Miner’s Landscape.

Here you can see films, slide shows, data animations and exhibitions. The World Heritage also has a shop with souvenirs, books, and crafts. Here you can book tours, get information about events and tips on various activities for both large and small.
Gruvgatan 44, Falun
+46 23-78 20 30

Lugnet Ski Jump

The ski jump was built in 1973. A Large hill (K115) with a tower that is 52 meters high, and is the highest tower in Dalarna (highest point is 303 m over sea level). The record is 130.5 m on the large hill. Small hill (K 90 tower height 22m), and is also plastic-coated for summer jumping. In the summer, the landing area can be used for concerts, theater, etc. The spectator platforms capacity is about 20 000.
Lugnetvägen 5, Falun
+46 23-227 27

Teknikverksta'n (Technical Workshop)

Teknikverksta'n is an experimental workshop for children and adults. Booked by appointment only. During school holidays, Teknikverksta'n is open for the public at certain times, see our website for current opening hours. Booked visits are conducted by educational leaders and lasts around 2.5 hours. Teknikverksta'n can plan school outings.
Kopparberget, Falu Gruva, Falun
+46 23-868 50



Falun Municipality offers you many sport fishing possibilities. There are hundreds of lakes to choose from and many of the lakes have been stocked with various species of salmon and trout by the fishing conservation associations. Many of the lakes also have a large stock of perch and pike.


Arvid Backlund Residence

In Svärdsjö, there is an interesting collection of sculptures by the famous sculptor Arvid Backlund. The public exhibition of sculpture and art is on display in Arvid Backlund's studio. His fellow artists were used as models for a number of his sculptures. In addition, the exhibition also includes the artists' residence.
Kyrkbyn, Svärdsjö
+46 246-511 65, +46 23-830 50

Carl Larsson Residence

The home of Carl Larsson in Sundborn, is Falun's most popular tourist destination. Each year, 60,000 people, from near and far, visit Carl and Karin's unique home. Carl Larsson's home was created by Carl and Karin Larsson.

With his paintings, Carl Larsson has given us national treasures. Karin was also educated at the Fine Arts Academy in Stockholm, but she stood at her husbands side and artistic expression revolved around the home. For example, the majority of textiles at the home were created by Karin, and she also designed the majority of furniture.

The home is a decorative artwork with an interplay of colors, artistic carpentry and a charmingly beautiful scenery. The environment is a source of inspiration for decorators around the world. Parts of the home have been shown in London and at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. The exhibitions have attracted a great deal of interest.
Carl Larssonsväg 12, Sundborn
+46 23-600 53

Dalarnas Athletic Museum

Sweden's first official athletic competition took place in Falun in 1792. After 201 years, the World Cup in Skiing was in Falun for the third time. In connection to the World Cup, Dalarnas Athletic Museum was built and is located on the premises. Follow the history and tradition of sports in Dalarna and meet the heroes from past and present.
Lugnetvägen 16, Falun
+46 23-138 24

Dalarnas Museum - "The Peoples Museum"

Darlarnas Museum has become known as "The People's Art Museum." Here is one of Sweden's largest collections of dalmålningar (Darlarna paintings), folk music, costumes, textiles, and graphics (Falugrafikerna). The active and exciting art program contributes to the museum's attractiveness.

The Dalarnas Museum opens gradually with new exhibitions during 2007-2010, due to extensive renovation and cleaning. Visitors will find a new reception and museum shop. Accessibility to all floors is greatly enhanced by stairs, elevators and a cross-way over the entrance hall.

The Selma Lagerlöf Study, is a completely new exhibition constructed to depict the author's time in Falun.

"Mossklyftan" is one of Dalarnas representative fabrics and decorates the entrance hall.
Stigaregatan 2-4, Falun
+46 23-76 55 00

Falu Prison Museum

The museum is located in the prison's basement and hosts historical collections. Many thanks to the former jailer, Jan Forsberg, for lending more than 500 historical objects related to Falu Prison to the museum. Jan's interest in the Swedish Correctional System is reflected in the museum collections from different time periods of prison development and changes from the 1800s, up until the middle 1900's.

The collection of objects included; various forms of hand, neck-and foot cuffs; pillory, stocks and related punishment artifacts; jailer equipment from simple swords and truncheons; various objects seized from prisoners such as syringes, stabbing weapons, hash pipes, tools for planned escapes, etc., old objects used in the prison; products made in prison by detainees and much more.

In addition, the solitary confinement has been recreated and is located in the basement. It is a dark cell without heat, and the only daylight comes in through a small window. The cell contains only one wooden bunk, wooden pillow and wooden toilet. Furthermore, a usual cell is shown exactly how it did look during the 1800s.
Villavägen 17, Falun
+46 23-79 55 75

Medical History Museum

Documentation on health care dating from 1870 until today, including a hospital ward from the 1930s. In addition, a wide variety of hardware, nurses uniforms, patient outfits, industrial material of tin, copper and porcelain, instruments and much more.
Vallmansg, Mittemot Kvinnokliniken, Falun
+46 23-49 20 64

Railroad Museum

Displaying old steam engines, locomotives, railcars, wagons, etc. in railway roundhouses.

Train Rides, Souveniors, Model Trains.

Museiföreningen Gefle-Dala Jernväg (MfGDJ), the Museums Association, was founded in 1974 and carries out its activities in two old roundhouses in Falun.

BJ Roundhouse was built in 1875 (11 tracks) and GDJ Roundhouse was built in 1902-1926 (18 tracks). Track 1435 mm. The BJ Roundhouse displays 10 track steam engines, locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, trolleys, forklifts, tools, scales, paintings, trolleys and much more. Model trains in N-scale (i.e., 1:160) with the American model.
Centralplan, Lokstallarna, Falun
+46 23-201 15

Stora Hyttnäs (Museum)

Stora Hyttnäs offers visitors something out of the ordinary. The history of the house and gardens goes way back to the sixteenth century. Today, it is an authentic example of a typical upper-class home from the early 1900s. Every crook and cranny of the house reveals interesting finds. The library contains books dating from the seventeenth century and the wardrobes reveal a magnificent collection of sumptuous fabrics. Carl and Karin Larsson were frequent guests at the house and can be deduced from the decorations in the drawing-room. Out in the garden, scrumping of apples by smeltery and mineworkers was observed as long ago as the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Gubbäppelträdet or "Old-Man" apple tree is one of the oldest in the country and to this day still yields a crop of apples.
Carl Larssonsväg 5, Sundborn
+46 23-600 01


Lugnets Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is in connection with Lugnet and very popular for country walks. The paths go in all directions and lead you into the beautiful and soothing nature.

Lugnet's Ski Jumps can be seen for miles around. They are symbols for Falun as an athletic city, well known beyond the Swedish borders. Lugnet is located at the bottom of the ski jump and is a complete sports and leisure complex with unique resources. Elite sport figures intermingle with individuals and people just looking to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Lugnet is never really quiet, and offers a hive of activity throughout the year.

Lugnet Sport and Recreation Complex is impressive and modern with unique resources. Lugnet has everything - from those who want to enjoy a relaxing Sundays promenade in the beautiful Nature Reserve - to sports at the elite level. There are facilities for training and competition. 57 of 67 sport specialties of the Swedish Sports Confederation can be performed here. Training camps are one of the major specialties at Lugnets.
The Lugnet Camping & Holiday Village is available for those who want to live in the center of the events. It is a three-star, family friendly camping and holiday village of high standard and offers many activities.
Lugnet, Falun

Rottnebyskogen Nature Reserve

Many people like to stroll, walk and play in Rottnebyskogen. The forest they encounter is old, and over 200 years old in some areas. During the latter part of the 1990s, the area was threatened by logging, but by a strong opinion, the forest has been protected for the future. The nature reserve is created for both, you as a visitor and for the animals and plants that rely on the old forest for survival.

Rottnebyskogen is located west of Lake Hosjön. If you go from Falun towards Gävle, there is a sign for Rottneby at the roundel before Lake Hosjön.


Falun also has many fantastic lakes. The archipelago like area around Lake Runn is said to have the same number of islands as there are days in the year.

Worth Seeing

Linnés Wedding Cottage and Garden

Svedens garden is an old minor's garden of special historical dimension. It was here that the flower king, Carl Linnaeus, celebrated his wedding with Sara Elisabeth Morea in 1739. The wedding room is decorated with a mural showing the story of King David. The flower bed at the wedding cottage has flowers which have been linked back to the garden's famous son-in-law. The beautiful environment consists of maples and a variety of other trees. The priest Jesper Svedberg, and his son the philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg are also from Svedens.
Svedens gård, Falun
+46 23-823 57


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