Welcome to Filipstad

Time to relax and enjoy nature - and be able to hear yourself think. It is called the quality of life, which you can find in Filipstad´s municipality, along with much more! Everyone is welcome! We would be happy to share our nature, culture, activities and entertainment.

Filipstad is the second oldest town in the region of Värmland. The town´s privileges date back to 1611 when it was founded by King Karl IX and named after his son Karl Filip. The area is rich in minerals and industry is also prominent in the region. Filipstad is more commonly known for Wasa Crisp Bread and the poet Nils Ferlin. But here in Långban, the two innovative brothers, John and Nils Ericsson are more famous for their accomplishments in building canals and locks in Sweden and abroad.

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Filipstads Newspaper
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Filipstads Tourist Bureau
Turist Bureau Open Times:
Sep-May, Mon-Fri, 1000-1600, closed for lunch 1230-1300
Jun-Jul, Mon-Fri, 0900-1800, Sat & Sun 1100-1600, closed for lunch 1230-1300.
Aug, Mon-Fri, 0900-1800, Sat & Sun 1100-1600, closed for lunch 1230-1300,

Stora torget 3 D (ingång biblioteket) Filipstad
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Welcome to Filipstad

Time to relax and enjoy nature - and be able to hear yourself think. It is called the quality of life, which you can find in Filipstad's municipality, along with much more! Everyone is welcome! We would be happy to share our nature, culture, activities and entertainment.


Filipstad is the second oldest town in the region of Värmland. The town's privileges date back to 1611 when it was founded by King Karl IX and named after his son Karl Filip. The area is rich in minerals and industry is also prominent in the region. Filipstad is more commonly known for Wasa Crisp Bread and the poet Nils Ferlin. But here in Långban, the two innovative brothers, John and Nils Ericsson are more famous for their accomplishments in building canals and locks in Sweden and abroad.

See and Do


Djuprämmens Swimming

A large and fine sandy beach. You can also find good places to camp along the lake.
From Filipstad, take Rt 26, about 45 km towards Vansbro. After the exit to Hagfors follow the sign for Rämmen. Continue several km then turn right at the Bathing sign.

Lesjöbyns Swimming

The swimming area has a small sandy beach surrounded by a large grass lawn. Floating docks, swings, sand boxes and play area are provided on the beach. Changing room, restroom and kiosk are located at the camping entrance. The campground is private.
From Filipstad follow Rt 26, about 40 km towards Vanbro. Located on the right-hand side of the road.

Nykroppas Swimming Area - Bottnarna

The bathing place has a small sandy beach and an adjoining grass lawn, floating docks, changing rooms, and restrooms.

Handicap Information: Wheelchair ramps are available.
Take Rt 26 to Kristinehamn 12 km and turn left at Nykroppa. The bathing area lies on the right-hand side.

Spångbergshallen - Sports Hall

Inside Sport Facility for the entire family.
Adult and Children swimming pools, sauna, solarium.
Spångbergsvägen 1, Filipstad
+46 590-611 78

Talluddens Swimming Area

The bathing place has a small sandy beach and an adjoining grass lawn. Swings, sandbox, floating docks, restrooms, table and benches are available.
From Filipstad, take Rt 246 about 3 km towards Hagförs. Turn left at the Swimming sign.

Family Activities

Hornkullens Silver Mine

To go down into a mine is exciting for almost everyone. According to legend, silver mining broke out in Homkullen before The Black Plague, (around 1350). Operations then ceased around the 1800's. The silver ore was melted partially in Nykroppa and partially in Herrhult. The road used from the mine to the melting house is now part of a hiking tour called Silverleden.

The mine area is a unique monument for Swedish mining. There are several mines in Homkullen, which include Dunderkammaren and Tors Hål, and is possible to tour. With a little imagination you can still hear the beat of the sledge hammer, or maybe even smell the fires burning.

In connection with the mine, there is a culture path to the old settlement ruins and to the remains of the path used to drive the water pumps to the mine.

Close to Silverleden is a small stream that still bears gold and panning is still popular.

Exhibition Information: Guides in Swedish, English and German.

Gold Panning
Pan for gold in the stream near Homkullens Silver Mine.
Vaska guld i bäck närliggande Hornkullens silvergruva.
Combine hunting for gold with a trip to the Silver Mine.
From Filipstad take Rt 26, 12 km towards Kristinehamn. Turn left at Nykropa. In Nykroppa, turn left at the sign for Silvergruvor.
+46 70-284 16 76

Paddle the Bergslags Canal (Bergslagskanalen)

Paddle on Bergslagskanalen. Locks.
Channel descriptions can be found at the tourist agencies in the area.
Tour suggestions can be provided by many of the canoe/kayak rentals.

Rafting on Lersjön

The raft is 6x4m and accommodates 2-8 persons.
Ideal for a family outing or fishing trip, or just enjoy the beautiful nature, wildlife and birds in the area.

The journey begins at Munkebergs camping. You can even setup your tent on the raft, and if you do not have one, you can rent one!
The raft is supplied with a small motor.
From Filipstad, take Rt 246 towards Hagfor
+46 590-501 00

The Troll Trail in Lesjöfors - Hiking Path

Walk 3 km among trolls and other characters. Start by Lesjöfors Museum. Bring coffee and snacks with you and have a break on the path.

A popular hiking tour for both young and old.


Tourist Fishing License

The Tourist Fishing Licenses are a cooperation between the following Fishing Area Associations:
Alstern-Lungen, Grundsjöhyttan, Långban, Rämen, Yngen, Aspen-Daglösen, Gåsborn, Nordmarksälven och Skåltjärnshyttan. The license is valid for 46 lakes, maps are provided at the time of purchase.
Locations: Tourist Bureaus, Satoil, OK, Munkebergs Camping, Badsta Camping in Storfors and Vidmark in Gunnerud.


Lesjöfors Museum

The museum mirrors culture and society going back 300 years in history. You will also find an apartment from the 40-50's, along with The Peoples House Room, Sporting Room and Machine Hall. In 1996, the museum was nominated best in Europe. Large Groups must book in advance. You can even relax with a cup of coffee and fresh baked goods.
From Filipstad, take Rt 26, 35 km towards Vansbro. The museum is located in Lesjöfors on the right-hand side.
+46 590-311 22

Långbans Mining Village

Well preserved industrial environment with a mining field, melting house and mineral exhibition. The world's most remarkable mineral discoveries of approximately 300 different minerals. Birthplace of John and Nils's Ericsson, exhibitions, nearby guesthouse, fish smokery. Nature reserves (Tibergs udde) with beautiful orchids in May and June.
From Karlstad, take Rt 63 to Filipstad. Continue north. Turn left on road 26 towards Mora and Lesjöfors.
+46 590-221 15, +46 590-221 81

The Mill Museum/Ferlin Museum (Museet kvarnen/Ferlinmuseum)

The Ferlin exhibition is permanently located on the upper floor.
A Gallery is located on the lower floor. You can even arrange exhibitions for handicrafts, lectures and musical evenings. As the name suggests, the museum is a mill from 1807 which had replaced the older mill from 1654. Proceeds from the mill are given to help build up Filipstads Church and maintain the old asphalt bridge (the cities first stone bridge from 1818).

Handicap Information:
A wheelchair ramp is available along with a handicapped friendly restroom.
An elevator is available to the upper floor
The Museet Kvarnen is located on alongside Hötorget in Filipstad.


Nordmark's Mill Museum (gruvmuseum)

Nordmark's Mill Museum covers 700 years of history, 700 m2 in size, with the head operations at Bergsbruk. The museum consists of 12 buildings and covers a large area of 10,000 m2, near Normarks Church. In Nordmark, Bergsbruk (mills and melting houses) has existed since the middle ages (1200-1300) up until 1980 when the last mill was closed.
Filipstad's mountainous region, was one of the greatest producers of iron ore. Up until the 1650s, the mills produced 10% of the worlds iron ore. The museum offers cards, photos, tools, and a model of the mine farms, the workers homes and the melting houses in the area.
You will also find the "Gunde Johansson" Museum where memories from the popular author, artist and entertainer are displayed. During the later part of his life, Gunde resided in the area and owned the "Motjärnshyttan". The Mineral Museum also exhibits Nordmarks Mineral. The fields in Nordmark are one of the most mineral rich territories in the world.

In the museum area there are 12 buildings from 1700-1800s.
The Rock Collection represents the rocks found in Filipstads community, as well as variously old, large machine parts produced in connection with Finnshyttans Mill in the 1880s.

The museum's summer buffet is in an old barn from 1700s with infrared warmers are used for the cooler days. Please make reservations.
From Filipstad take Rt 246, 16 km towards Hagfors. In Nordmark take "Sandsjön 11" and follow the signs to the museum.
+46 590-504 04


Brattforsheden - Nature Reserve

A unique nature area and delta. Many interesting geological formations. There are three smaller nature reserves located inside, Lungälvsravinerna, Geijersdalsmossen och Kittelfältet. Many interesting plants. You can purchase a map for Brattforsheden at the Karlstads and Filipstads Tourist Bureau's.
Open all year round
From Filipstad, take Rt 63, 10 km towards Karlstad. Follow the signs.

Högbergsfältet (Nature Reserve)

Explore 15 mines in the area. Experience the excitement by going down in Tilas Stoll, a horizontal mine. There is a memory stone in the reserve dedicated to the first organized mine strike in 1869. Mining operations were ceased in 1906. The area is highly populated with many beautiful flowers such as the orchid.
From Filipstad, take Rt 63, 6 km towards Ludvika. In Persberg, turn right then follow the signs to Högbergsfältet.

Rämsberg- Hiking Trail - 5 km

Located in the northern part of Filipstad, near Rämmen, is the mill village Rämsberg, surround by a very beautiful countryside. The village is very interesting both geological and botanical due to the rare plants and rocks found in the area. At one time, Rämsberg consisted of 16 rented summer cottages and in the middle of the 1800s, when the mining operations were at their peak, lived 120 inhabitants.
Welcome to Rämsberg Hiking Trail.
North of Lesjöfors, turn left at Rämmenkorset towards Hgfors then follow the signs Rämsberg 1

Wilderness Safari

Take a tour around the wild wilderness and the beautiful nature. We search for the king of the forest - the Moose - and stop in beautiful places for a cup of coffee.

Wilderness Safari:
Through the endless forest, along the rivers and lakes, down the hiking trails, far away from the tourists, we will show you the beauty of Swedens nature. With a little luck, maybe see a moose or one of the other wild animals typical for the area. Each season offers its own fascination.
Enjoy the peace and tranquillity.
From Filipstad, take Rt 26, 3 km, turn left at the sign for Utpostens Café and the sign showing a coffee cup, about 1 km
+46 590-10413, +46 70-681 13 62

Worth Seeing

Asphyttans Lock - The Bergslags Canal

Asphyttans Locks and Canals, included in Filipstads Berglags Canal, were constructed 1853-57 to ease transportation of goods between Filipstads bergslag and Kristinehamn.
The locks lift the boats 5 meters at a time

South of Asphyttan, about 4,5 km, is Bjurbäckens locks with a summertime café.
A guard is stationed at Bjrbäckens locks and also cares for the locks in Asphyttan.
Take the old road (west) Filipstad - Storfors (- Kristinehamn). Asphyttan is located 10 km south of Filipstad and 13 km northwest of Storfors.

Brattfors Church

The church located in Brattfors, is built of wood and the inauguration was held in 1669. There is an interesting story which has not been documented but there is certain truth to the background.
The king referred to was presumably Oscar I that died on 8 July 1859. They say it happened right in the middle of the harvest season.

The legend of the open belfry window:
The king of Sweden was dead and a bell-ringing was ordered to honor the dead king. The squire decided that only two of the three bell-ringers should carry on because this was under the harvest time. Therefore, the authorities condemned the Squire to be fined 50 öre every day for the rest of his life. Furthermore, he should always wear a horse hair ring around his neck. This served as a warning and a reminder about cheating with the committed bell-ringing for the dead king. The congregation decided that one of the churches west belfry windows always had to be open.
From Filipstad take Rt 63, 10 km towards Karlstad. In Brattfors, follow the signs to the church.

Breviks Community Center

A cottage, barn and forge from the 18th century. Everyday life of the natives from Nykroppa are reflected in the community center. Cabinetmaker's workshop, textile, farming and industry.

Handicap information: Handicap restroom is available. Community Center building does not have a handicap access.
Please make reservations.

Ferlin Statue

The Ferlin statue is one of Sweden's most famous poets, Nils Ferlin. The statue is of Ferlin sitting on a park bench, wearing a large top hat. The statue was purchased for about 137,000 kronor and was dedicated on the 24th of May 1975.
The artist was K.G. Bejemark and made from Bronze.
Next to Skillervälven, at the large Square, in the center of Filipstad.


One of the famous brothers, John Ericsson is buried at Ostra Cemetery in Filipstad. The impressive mausoleum was inaugurate, Wednesday, 31 July 1895.
Handicap Information: There is a slope going up from the parking lot.
Östra kyrkogården Filipstad

Sjösta Memorial Hill - Sudermatte

Sjösta Memorial Hill "Sudermatte" is southwest of Lesjöfors by Dalkarlssjön. Here you will find the statue of Mattes Simonsson or "Sudermatte", as he is referred to by friends. He played a large part in building up the iron industry in Lesjöfors.
The statue is surrounded by iron blocks from the different mine fields in Sweden.

Spångbergskällan - Filipstads Water Supply

The "Spångberg" is named after Harald Spång, from Västergötland, in the late 1600s. The small house around the well was used to bring water to the city for over 100 years - before the piped water supply was built at the end of the 1800s. It was most likely a natural source of water coming from the mountains. The stones built around the small building are from the later part of the 1800s. The water was still used up until the 1950s.

Storbrohyttan (Melting House)

One of the grandest houses in Värmland from the 1590s. The construction is from 1853-67. The house was restored during the 1950, then totally renovated in 1980.
From Filipstad, take Rt 246, 800 m towards Hagfors. The House is on the left side, besides Munkebergs Camping.

Unique Ceiling Painting in Rämmens Church

The church was inaugurated in 1787. It was rebuilt by the architect C.G. Brunius in 1851, which changed the churches character and further renovations were done in 1899 which is the way it looks today. The church is made of wood, in the shape of a cross, and painted red. The ceiling is made of slate. The old punishment pole has been preserved which is rather uncommon. Unique ceiling paintings. Near the church is also a clock yard from 1839 and a little school museum.
From Filipstad, take Rt 26, 40 km towards Vansbro. Turn left towards Rämmen and continue about 10 km and turn left again towards Näset. The church is locate on a cape of Lake Näsrämmen.
+46 590-300 86

Älvsjöhyttans Horse Transport Trail

The first road to transport iron in Sweden was around 1850 and iron had to be transported by horses. In western Bergstagen, there are over 50 horse trails that go between the lakes and rivers, where goods were loaded transported. In Älvsjöhyttan the horse trail has been rebuilt.
From Filipstad, take Rv 26, 17 km towards Vansbro. At the sign for Gåsborn, turn right. Follow the asphalt road in the direction of Fredriksberg. Turn right in Äalvjöhyttan


City Tours

A variety of tours can be found at the Tourist Bureau. Walking tours are available, such as the Ferlin tour or the Cultural City Tour.

For groups:
Guided City Tours are booked via Filipstads Tourist Bureau.

Minerals - Långban, Nykroppa

The world's most mineral-species-rich place is in Långban. Långban mining village is one of the most interesting mining deposits in Värmland with a large number of well-preserved buildings and surroundings. More than 300 different minerals have been found in Långban which has made it to be one of the world's most interesting places for minerals.
Borrow a pickax and lead your own mineral exhibition.
+46 590-221 81, +46 70-284 16 76


Yearly Celebrations

National Day Celebrations
Filibjurveckan - Tourist Week
Mineral Fair and Story Telling Festival
Oxhälja Market
Swedish Rally

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