Århus – the city with everything you could dream of

There is an energetic beat of the pulse in the vibrant city of Århus. With a student population of more than 40,000, Århus is Denmark’s youngest city – with its sights set firmly on the future. At the same time, however, we keep the past very much alive here in Århus, with the oldest city quarters being some of the most atmospheric, bustling and trend setting in the city.

Enjoy yourself going shopping, relaxing at one of the city’s many cafés, or strolling in the woods or along the sandy beaches before taking your pick among the generous selection of restaurants which the city has to offer. Århus is also a center of art and culture.

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Århus – The City with everything you could dream of...

There is an energetic beat of the pulse in the vibrant city of Århus. With a student population of more than 40,000, Århus is Denmark’s youngest city – with its sights set firmly on the future. At the same time, however, we keep the past very much alive here in Århus, with the oldest city quarters being some of the most atmospheric, bustling and trend setting in the city. Enjoy yourself shopping, relaxing at one of the city’s many cafés, strolling in the woods or along the sandy beaches before taking your pick among the generous selection of restaurants which the city has to offer. Århus is also a center for Art and Culture.


Århus - One of Scandinavia's Oldest Cities

Up until recently, it was believed that Århus was founded around the year 900. But, new excavations in central Århus found that the Vikings were in Århus much earlier. Archaeologists found remnants of a Viking settlement around the area of Pustervig, which can be dated back to 770, and the city was at least one hundred years old. This means that Århus is one of the oldest cities - but so far, Ribe holds the title as the oldest city in Denmark.

To quote the Museum Director, Jan Skamby Madsen at Moesgård Museum in Århus, in regards if the true age of Århus has been founded, he says: - "It cannot be ruled out that we can find even more evidence of the Viking's progress at the new digs along the mouth of Åns. If that happens, we can note that Århus is Denmark's oldest city," as he smiles.

The Vikings called the city "Aros," which means "Åns mouth." It was no coincidence that the Vikings chose Århus as a city and market place. Thanks to it's location at the bay, it was easy to reach by the sea. The river provided an opportunity for the narrow Viking ships to travel many kilometers into the country and to be protected against any invasive enemies from coming by sea.

See and Do


Badeanstalten Spanien (Bath/Spa)

Badeanstalten Spanien offers everyday luxury - a luxury for everyone. In the beginning of it's history and to keep it's image, here is a way to keep fit in Århus and in a unique way. The Bath House is a place for everyone who wants to get away for awhile from the everyday hectic life style.

The Bath House has managed to keep abreast of developments while maintaining its basic idea, which are namely offering a wide range of services, and all aimed at personal well-being and enjoyment.

The Bath house is a fitness center, in a Århus style variant - the swimming pool has something for everyone, whether it's your body or soul which needs nurturing. A visit here may take time - time to care for one's self.
Spanien 1, Århus C
(+45) 8613 26 66

Gellerupbadet (Bathing House)

Gellerupbadet is a bathing house for the entire family.
Dortesvej 43, Brabrand
(+45) 8625 69 01

Lyseng Svømmebad (Bathing)

Lyseng Svømmebad is located in the suburbs of Højbjerg and has something for the entire family. Here are hiking trails, pools for swimming and trampolines of 1 and 3 meters. For the small children, there is a pool with a slide with a depth of 90 cm.
Lysengvej 4, Højbjerg
(+45) 8627 28 08

Århus Swimming Stadium

Århus Swimming Stadium is the cities swimming center for individuals at all levels. It is a modern sports center in central Århus. The facility helps educate swimmers and is open for both public and associations.
F. Vestergaardsgade 3, Århus C
(+45) 8612 86 44

Family Activities

Childhood Museum

One of the world's few female museum's is located in Århus, located in the village's old City Hall from 1857, and there is even a childhood museum. Here you can be a city girl from the 1930s, or a country boy during the 1870s. Look at four backyards, try to sit on a cloud, listen to the funny and embarrassing stories that girls and boys did not tell mom and dad. Discover the childhood stories with Irma, Carl, Ejnar, Lotta and many others, about skirts, the goose and roller skates.
Domkirkepladsen 5, Århus C
(+45) 8618 64 70

Dyrehaven (Park)

Located South of Århus, the park has Sika deer, Fallow deer and wild boar, all living in the green forest's natural surroundings.


RaceHall is Europe's largest indoor race track. Children over 120 cm are allowed to drive go-carts which can hit speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

If you are an adult and you feel like leaving your best friend or your grandfather in your wake, then this is a great opportunity for it. Basically a great experience for everyone.
Hasselager Centervej 30, Viby J
(+45) 8628 01 70

Tivoli Friheden - Come and Enjoy A Day Filled With Fun and Amusement...

With activities and amusements for children of all ages there is something for everyone in the Tivoli Friheden Amusement Park. Try out the many amusements for the entire family – including:

Fire Alarm – For young firefighters!
Are you hoping to become a firefighter when you grow up? Then Tivoli Friheden’s attraction - the FIRE ALARM - will be just up your street. Your job is to get into the fire engine and speed off to put out the ‘fire’ before anyone else. If you make it first - you are a true firefighter.

Stock Car – Bumper ! cars for kids
The Stock Car ride is a truly wild one where you can drive like crazy and bump into each other – just like in the grown-up’s bumper cars!

Lots of entertainment and fun!
If you feel like taking a break from all the action and excitement, there are lots of other entertainment to enjoy. Pjerrot the Clown is performing his magic for the smaller children in his garden, and Mrs. Frog and Mr. Rabbit tour the park every day greeting the guests.

In between the fun and games you can also take a break in the ‘Tivoli VanDvittig’ - a huge 5,000 sq. meter water-world amusement area. Here playful souls of all ages can have fun with water, while preparing their own food on the large barbecues.

Or you can visit our 2000 sq. m indoor play-land where smaller children can jump and leap in bouncy castles, dive in the large ball-pond or drive Wheeler Cars.

Or come and enjoy the Pjerrot Sunday Club with concerts for children and lots of entertainment; or our theme weekends and concerts featuring popular rock artists of the day.
Skovbrynet 1, Århus C
(+45) 8614 73 00


Århusbukten (Fishing)

Unless otherwise indicated, it is allowed to fish from the bridges and the beaches. You can also fish by boat.


AroS, Århus Art Museum

AroS is the main museum of art in Århus, and offers spectacular art experiences for children and adults - both young and old. The architecture is of international class, just like the art being showcased. Both the museum's own collection of over 9,000 pieces of art, (from 1770 until present), and the annual exhibitions hosted of world famous artists are offered for your artistic enjoyment.
Aros Allé 2, Århus C
(+45) 8730 66 00

Moesgård Museum

The Moesgård Manor in the woods south of Århus provides the setting for the Moesgård.

The permanent exhibition shows a range of exceptional archaeological finds from Denmark’s prehistory. Among the greatest of these treasures is the Grauballe man, who died more than 2000 years ago and is the world's best-preserved peat bog corpse. The impressive sacrifices of weapons from the nearby Illerup River Valley, which gives a detailed insight into the warfare and sacrificial traditions of the Iron Age.
Moesgård Alle 20, Højbjerg
(+45) 8942 11 00

Steno Museum

The National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine. At the History of Science and Medicine, both children and adults can go on a trail of discovery in the natural sciences and can explore the cultural history of medicine. There are scientific instruments, an array of fascinating inter-activities where, amongst many other things, you can test Galileo’s law of gravity, or play with your own mirror image.
Within the planetarium's darkness you will be introduced to galaxies, planets and other fascinating sky phenomena, and in the museum's colorful herb garden you can enjoy the sight and the scent of the more than 300 historic medicinal plants
C. F. Møllers Alle 1100, Århus C
(+45) 8942 39 75


Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is one of Århus' largest and oldest parks, and also one of the most visited. You can experience plants from all over the world, right in the center of the city. The garden is interesting and exciting for everyone. Here are experiences for all your the senses, and many different interests as well.

The garden is on a very hilly terrain with many different rooms of different sizes. Here are the small intimate places for learning and open lawns. A stream runs through the entire garden, through three lakes in the garden, then all the way to the Old City and it's dams.

Children and adults of all ages use the park year round. Not to mention, the residents and many visitors from the Old Town.

If you are interested in Botany, you have the opportunity to study a number of plants from Denmark, and from all over the world. All plants have a name plate in both Latin and Danish (if the plant has a Danish name) and country or region. There are occasional guided tours of of the garden.

Danmark's Japanese Garden

An oasis of harmony. Stepping into Japanese culture is like balm for the soul. You will encounter a world of sensuousness; a world of peace, quiet and harmony. Feng Shui can create an auspicious atmosphere in the house and in the garden. If you feel like treating yourself to a delicious oriental dish or an exquisite Japanese whisky, our café is well worth a visit. In the shop you will find items of great beauty from Japan and China for your home.
Randersvej 395, Trige
(+45) 8742 00 12

Worth Seeing

Clausholm Castle and Park

Clausholm Castle and Park is one of the most beautiful and complete Baroque monuments in Denmark. The castle was built in the 1690s by Chancellor Conrad Reventlow, and from 1718-1730 it was owned by King Frederik IV who has left his mark on buildings and the park. But not only the beautiful surroundings were to the King's taste. He eloped with the Chancellor's daughter Anna Sophie Reventlow and crowned her his queen although he was already married.

Throughout the last 40 years, the castle has undergone a drastic renovation and today appears as a unique example of architecture, interior design and style in the Baroque's days of glory.
Clausholmvej 308, Voldum, Hadsten
(+45) 8649 16 55

Marselisborg Palace and Park

Marselisborg Palace is the summer residence of the Royal family. When the Royal family is in residence during the summer at the Palace, the Changing of the Guard by the Life Guard takes place at noon every day. The Palace grounds, including the Queen's rose garden, are open to the public when the Royal family is not in residence.
Kongevejen 100, Århus C
(+45) 8611 88 12

The Church of Our Lady ("Vor Frue kirke")

The Church of Our Lady ("Vor Frue kirke") is richly decorated, and from the central nave you can descend the staircase to the crypt - the oldest stone crypt in Scandinavia. The crypt is rich in ambiance and takes the visitor almost 1000 years back in time.
(+45) 8612 12 43

The Old Town

The Old Town, National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. The Old Town is the only 3 star museum outside Copenhagen. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days. The Old Town is a unique museum, welcoming more than 3 million visitors over the course of the last 10 years. Meet the people and characters of the past, experience life as it was in their living rooms and kitchens; and smell the flowers right in their own gardens. Try out old games for children, or go on an exploration throughout the museums extensive collections and exhibitions. Pat the horses and watch out for the geese. Have a pint in the Beer Cellar, or enjoy a cup af coffee and a cake in the tea garden.
Viborgvej 2, Århus C
(+45) 8612 31 88

The Århus Cathedral

The Århus Cathedral is the holder of several records in Denmark: it is longest church; it has the most frescos; the largest organ; and its triptych is undoubtedly Denmark's largest artistic Medieval treasure. Take a look at, for example, the cathedral's fascinating fresco portraying all the torments of purgatory or the impressive sepulchral tablet of the Marselis family.
Domkirkepladsen 2, Århus C
+45 8620 54 00

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