Welcome to Ängelholm

Ängelholm is beautifully situated furthest in Skälderviken on Skånes Northwest coast. The city was founded in 1516 by the Danish King Christian II, but originally it was the medieval city Luntertun, which was at the outlet on Rönne’s Ridge.

Ängelholm currently has 38,000 inhabitants and offers a diverse range of experiences. From those looking for an active holiday or for anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Ängelholms Tourist Bureau
The Old Town Hall, Stortorget, Ängelholm
+46 431-821 30





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Welcome to Ängelholm

Ängelholm is beautifully situated furthest in Skälderviken on Skånes Northwest coast. The city was founded in 1516 by the Danish King Christian II, but originally it was the medieval city Luntertun, which was at the outlet on Rönne's Ridge.

Ängelholm currently has 38,000 inhabitants and offers a diverse range of experiences. From those looking for an active holiday or for anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

See and Do


Rönnebadet - Swimming Hall

Salt water, steam bath, solarium and café.
Garvaregatan 4, Ängelholm
+46 431-873 83

Vejbybadet - Outside Pool

+46 431-45 28 35

Ängelholms Sea Bathing

Already in the late 1800s, Ängelholm was a well known seaside resort, where beautiful beaches succeed each other one after another. Ängelholms Havsbad is well-known for its unique dune landscape, and the high dunes stretch from "Sibirien" in the south to Skälderviken in the north. The six kilometer long child-friendly beach, with it's lovely soft sand, invites you not only during the summer's best moments in the sun, but also to the fresh autumn and winter promenades.
about 3 km from Ängelholms Center

Family Activities

Cycle Trails Around Ängelholm

There are a number of enjoyable day trips between 10-60 km long. For example, Lergöksrundan, which is 16 km long, and takes you through the city, forest and along the sea. Maps are available at the Tourist Office.

Lindebolets Farm - Horse Riding Tours

Lindebolets Farm can arrange short Riding tours and trips by horse and carriage for parties up to six, on the trails, through the forest and around the North Sea in Munka-Ljungby.
Herrgårdsvägen 5, Ljungabolet
+46 431-45 51 62

Postrånevandring over Hallandsåsen (Hiking)

An eventful hike with historical persons (from the 50s) and surprising events along the route. Refreshments served.
+46 431-821 30

Pyttetåget in Ängelholm (Train)

The train departs from the library at the square to Hembygdsparken Park.
Hembygdsparken, Ängelholm
+46 431-142 36


There are 4 km of Alpine runs of all difficulty levels, from green to black with a special child and beginner-friendly area. Four lifts take you quickly up to the top of Hallandsåsens and the snow machine ensures that the slopes are in perfect condition.
Sydalpin Kungsbygget located on Road 24 between Laholm and Örkelljunga on Hallandsåsens North side.
+46 430-33 111

Skiing - Vallåsen

There are long slopes on Vallåsen, large ski areas, two chair lifts and three drag lifts, ski rental along with associated services. Vallåsen is located on the north side of Hallandsåsens, not far from the ridges highest point.
+46 430-331 50

South Sweden's only Summer Tobogganing

Summer tobogganing is a fantastic experience for both young and old. You swish down the several hundred (935) meter-long run which winds down through a beautiful forest and meadow landscape.
Sydalpin Kungsbygget located on Road 24 between Laholm and Örkelljunga on Hallandsåsens North side.
+46 430-331 11

Spelmansgårdens Iceland Horses

Around Spelmansgården there are wonderful riding paths on Hallandsås, which go through the forests and over streams. The nature is very hilly, varied and excellent for riding with Icelandic horses. No matter if you are experienced or a beginner, you'll be well looked after and get a horse that suits your skills. Here is everything for children- and groups, youth groups, adult groups, family riding and even tour riding through the beautiful surroundings with homemade refreshments.
Simontorpsvägen 122, Hjärnarp
+46 431-45 42 30

Tourist Boat Laxen

See Ängelholms lush river for a wonderful tour through the city. From the City Hall's bridge, in the center, and out to the marina in Skälderviken. The entire tour takes about 2 hours.
Hamnen, Skälderviken, Ängelholm
+46 431-203 00


Lake Västersjön

The entire lake has good fishing, from the beginning of the river to the lakes outflow. You can fish for perch, bream, pike perch, pike, roach, trout, tench, eel and trout. Permitted fishing methods are fly-and spin as well as angling and ice fishing.

Lower Vegeå River

In the lower part of the Vegeåns River, approximately 2-kilometer, you can fish for perch, bream, pike, roach, eel and trout. Permitted methods are fly-and spin as well as angling and ice fishing. Ice fishing for salmon is absolutely prohibited.

Rönne River

Fishing on the Rönne River starts at the mouth and continues upstream over a distance of 5 km. The river is one of our four rivers in Skåne that have salmon. Besides salmon, there are also perch, pike, roach and trout. Fishing methods permitted are fly, spinning, casting and ice fishing.


Ausås prästgårdsmuseum (Museum)

A traditional farm built in 1774 and 1927. It was built in four half-timbered long logs, almost 50 m long. It is a cultural memorial. The museum also has Dean Emanuel Diehl's study, a large book collection and a magnificent rustic cabinet from 1830.
Ausås, Ängelholm
+46 42-533 16

Handicraft Museum

Two permanent exhibitions of Ängelholm ceramics and silver, along with a regular art exhibition of the latest from the municipal art collection. Plus other interesting activities - music, tours and courses.
Stadsbiblioteket, Ängelholm
+46 431-875 03

Heagården (Farm House)

Family farm from 1862 with an intacted interior and located between Ängelholm and Munka Ljungby. Brandkårsmuseum (Fire Brigade Museum) with six fire engines, a working smithy, Clog workshop and a beautiful garden. Guided tours, refreshments and musical entertainment. Call for open times.
Ängelholmsvägen 208, Munka-Ljungby
+46 431-43 00 35

Sweden's Railway Museum

A modern museum displaying how our Swedish railways were built and how the technique has developed. Experience over 150 years of railway history in the exciting atmosphere. Swedish Railway Ängelholm is a modern museum experience for the entire family. See the large model for railway development and related slideshows - from horse-drawn vehicles to the current X2000. Or take a ride in the simulator LOCOMOTION. For children and adults there are popular point walks and the "lekstallet" is filled with toys. You can build and run the toys and model trains. Draw, play games or relax with a book.
Loklekis is a popular meeting place. Many of the small new museum visitors have already become regular visitors.
Next to the railway station, Ängelholm
+46 431-44 20 75

Ängelholms Aviation Museum

The museum tells about the F10's history and is housed in a large hangar. There are airplanes, helicopters, missiles, engines and flight-related equipment. See things like, a "secret" radar center in the caves, and a flight simulator where you can feel what it is like to fly at the speed of sound and more. Or, try test landing with an instructor. Even a J 29 "FlygandeTtunna," has been added to the collection.
Valhall Park, 26291 Ängelholm
+46 431-148 10


Djurholmen Recreation Area

Up on Hallandsåsen Ridge, over Lake Västersjön, is the recreation area called Djurholmen. It is a large area with an exciting nature and remnants of old farmland from the 1800s. Several hiking trails lead through the wild nature of past cultural ruins such as a cottage and shelters. There is a lookout tower and grill sites.
Take E6 North, exit nr 37, through Hjärnarp, past Lerbäckshult and Faxeröd.

Hallandsåsen (Ridge)

Hallandsåsen is approximately an 80 million year old primary rock horst (fault), and is an actual border between Halland and Skåne. The ridge is between 5 and 10 km wide and 40 km long, from Hovs Hallar to Örkelljunga. The highest point is Högalteknall, 226 miles above sea level. The vegetation consists of forests, beech and implanted spruce trees, bogs, heather moorland and pastures. In the mountain's southern route, there are several deep ravines, including the Trollehallar with up to 35 m high walls.

Kronoskogen (Forest)

The beach forests in Ängelholm are one of the few natural areas with a costal dune landscape in Sweden. The forest is a result of one of the first state-funded wildlife projects in Sweden, including a forest, which began in mid-1700's. In addition, the beach offers excercise and hiking trails in an area with rich flora and fauna.

Lakes Västersjön och Rössjön

Lakes Västersjön and Rössjön were formed by a large iceberg and are called "dödissjöar." The water comes through multiple streams from Hallandsås bogs and swamps. There is rich vegetation with yellow and white water lilies, water lobelia and rigid bream grass. In Västersjön, you can swim and fish; here is an excellent stock of pike-perch, pike, perch, eel and bream. Fishing licenses can be purchased from places such as the Ängelholm Tourist Office. Lake Rössjön is a bird sanctuary.

Vegeå River

In the waters outside the Vegeåns Rivers mouth, are fine sand and clay bottoms with alot of food and there is also a rich bird life. For example, the Pied Avocet (a wader), Little Terns, the Common Tern and the Meadow Pipit. One of the species in the bird population is red-listed internationally and five are nationally red listed. The Red List is a special protection under the Berne Convention. The area is an important breeding place for flat fish and therefore, particularly important for professional fishing. On the vegitation side, the experts mention mainly species such as; heather, bell heather, angular, stonecrop and samphire.


Prästgården in Ausås (Garden)

The garden has a German-English character with winding ways, ancient hornbeam hedges, herbs, and beautiful old trees, and more. Allén of elms was built in 1882.
Ausåsvägen, Ausås, Ängelholm
+46 42-532 12, +46 431-821 30

Ängelholms Historical Park

Ängelholms Historical Park is an oasis for the whole family. The park is home for several large animals and farmed with horses, deer, goats, rabbits, pigs, parrots and a variety of other birds. Here is a large, well-equipped playground, walking trails, rest and picnic areas. Summertime offers an outdoor stage, with seating and entertainment. The park has a good restaurant and a well-attended "Glasshus". The Historical Park is open all year round.
Thorslundsgatan, Ängelholm
+46 431-41 12 20

Worth Seeing

Barkåkra Church

The oldest parts, including the baptismal font, is from the early 1100's. An altar essay by David Jastro from the 1700s. Glass Paintings in the long ship and the new church is by Randi Fisher and Ralph Bergholtz. In the new church is a plaque for the victims in a plane crash in Vejby, November 20, 1964.
Barkåkra, Ängelholm
+46 431-44 54 70

Starby Church

Medieval church rebuilt around 1800. The pulpit is from the 1680s. The altarpiece is made by A M Malmqvist in 1831. The organ platform with the tower was constructed in 1819. The first organ was built in 1862 and was replaced in 1933.
Starby, Ängelholm
+46 431-290 68

UFO-The Glades in Ängelholm

Have creatures from another planet landed in Ängelholm? The incident took place in a forest clearing May 18, 1946. The 28-year-old Gösta Carlsson was returning from his job at SJ. He went through the forest and suddenly saw a bright light among the trees. Above him was a discus-shaped craft with a cup on the roof. Around the craft were 11 creatures, both men and women. One of the creatures made a stop signal towards Gösta. He saw how they tried to fix the broken craft. In order to convince himself that everything really did happened, Gösta went down to the beach and waded out into the icy water. When he returned, he saw the UFO lift up towards the sky and disappear at high speed. The grass appeared to have burn marks, as well as the large adjacent tree. He found part of a pole, two cups of strong milky white solvent and a ring of metal. The meeting initiated a series of amazing events. Through contacts, he made a theory as to why the craft landed just in this forest. In the book, "Mötet i Gläntan," (The Meeting in the Glades) he tells all about his experiences.

Ängelholms Church

In Luntertun, an old town at the mouth of the Rönneåns River, you will find the ruins of Ängelholms churches medieval predecessors. Sole inventory from Luntertun is the smallest church bell from 1470. The first church on the present site began in 1516. The current church dates from 1868 and the interior from 1941. The altar cabinet and glass paintings are by Torsten Nordberg. The church was last renovated in 2000.
S. Kyrkogatan, Ängelholm
+46 431-848 00


Ottos runda (Hiking Trail)

A year round hiking trail of 10 km through the Kronoskogen forest and along the Rönne River. The trail starts at the square / tourist office and is marked with a yellow ocarina. For more information contact the Tourist Office.


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