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The Tampere Region is a province in western Finland, with approximately 400,000 inhabitants. With 210,000 inhabitants in the heart ofTampere’s landscape.

Finland’s third largest city, founded in 1779, is known as a vibrant center for tourism, culture, congresses, festivals and other events as well as for businesses. Here thrives both the city’s inhabitants and its guests.

Easy to get here
There are direct flights to Tampere from Bremen, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Milan and Stockholm. The flight time from the Capital, Helsinki, is a half-hour; by train the journey takes one and half hour; by bus about two hours.

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Welcome - and make yourself at home!

The Tampere Region is a province in western Finland, with approximately 400,000 inhabitants. With 210,000 inhabitants in the heart ofTampere's landscape.

Finland's third largest city, founded in 1779, is known as a vibrant center for tourism, culture, congresses, festivals and other events as well as for businesses. Here thrives both the city's inhabitants and its guests.

Easy to get here
There are direct flights to Tampere from Bremen, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Milan and Stockholm. The flight time from the Capital, Helsinki, is a half-hour; by train the journey takes one and half hour; by bus about two hours.

See and Do


Hervanta Swimming Hall

Torisevanraitti 7
+358 3-5656 98 80


For information about Tamperes beaches and swimming pools, please see the website.

Tammerfors Swimming Center

Joukahaisenkatu 7
+358 3-5656 48 12

Tesoma Swimming Hall

Tuomarinkatu 7
+358 3-5654 68 00

Family Activities

Exercise Summer and Winter

Play golf under the midnight sun? Hike in the middle of town? In Tampere, you can exercise and and train right in the city center. There are also vast forests and lake areas around the city offering silence and the stillness of nature along with excursions for walking, rowing, canoeing and fishing.

In the winter you can take a dip through a hole in the ice, skate on natural ice and sled in the beautiful hills - right in the center of town. In Tampere, there are over ten kilometers of lighted track and two slalom runs. An hour drive from the city, In the countryside, are great ski resorts with a wide range of services.

Those who are a bit more energenic can, among other things, try carting, ice racing, 4W and snowmobile safaris - or become a rallying hero at the controls of a simulator.

The Dolphinarium

They say in Finland, "So much fun can fit on a small isthmus." The Dolphinarium Adventure Park has collected everything for the little ones and for the little older ones, for all they can dream to experience during a vacation day.

The little more daring can consider dozens of rides which will spin, swing, and fly them around, the younger family members can enjoy calmer tours in their own Ipanaario. At the Children's Zoo, the children can pet baby rabbits, goat kids and dogs or take a ride on a pony.

The Dolphinarium offers a faced paced show featuring bottlenose dolphins. The Planetarium can make an unforgettable journey through the universe. From the Näsinneula Restaurant, you can admire one of Finland's most beautiful lake landscapes and the Aquarium - you can see all the seven lakes. The Sara Hildéns Art Museum offers an art break where you can enjoy contemporary art.


A Fishing Paradise

The Tampere region is called "Gösland" (pike-perch land) and not without reason, the water gods have generously given the area large amounts of water and with it the aromatic and delicious fish with white meat - for those wo want to catch it.

In the landscaped lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls, you can also catch whitefish, perch, pike, trout and more than thirty other species of fish.

In summer, do not hesitate to fish around the clock, in the winter, drill a hole in the ice, sit on a stool and enjoy ice fishing. During the winter, the icy fiords are often filled with many of the locals ice fishing. But, you need not worry - there are plenty of fish for everyone.

Have you ever been fishing only a few meters from the main street in a big city? In Tampere, you can fish with a casting rod in the Tammerkoski River which runs through the city center, and pull up an a large flapping salmon. If you do not believe it - Try it!


Amuria Works Museum Quarter

It describes daily life in Tampere from the 1880s to the 1970s. 32 working-class homes, two shops and a public sauna. Versatile museum shop and a cozy old-fashioned cafe.
Satakunnankatu 49, Tampere
+358 3-5656 66 90

Crafts- and Art Industry Center, Verkaranta

Monthly rotating exhibitions of handicrafts, industrial art, textile art, clothing, textile industry and industrial design.
Verkatehtaankatu 2, Tampere
+358 3-225 14 09

Emil Aaltonen-Museum

Old work of art collections by Emil Aaltonen and more recent works of art from the museum's own collections.
Mariankatu 40, Tampere
+358 3-212 45 51

Finlands Ice Hockey Museum

Europe's largest ice hockey museum. Ice hockey history from Finland and abroad with players equipment, images, prices and memory objects.
Veturiaukio 4 (Tampella-området), Tampere
+358 3-5656 69 66

Kuokkala Museiväg (Museum)

Trade Museum, Hairdresser Museum, Shoemakers Workshop, Veterans Tradition Chamber, Kustaa Puskemas cottage, forge museum.
Kuokkalantie, Lempäälä
+358 3-375 26 43, summer +358 50-326 75 57, winter


The museum is housed in a hall, where the Russian revolutionaries met in 1905 and 1906, during Lenin's leadership. Material on Lenin, his relations with Finland and the Russian Revolution history. Even alternating exhibitions.
Hämeenpuisto 28, 3 tr, Tampere
+358 3-276 81 00

Mobilia (Automobile- and Road Museum)

National Special Museum with annual alternating exhibitions. During the summer there are daily guided tours and for groups with reservations. Mobilia-Café and Mobilia-Shop can be visited without an entrance fee. Conference and program services, beach, summer theater, a playground for children, marina, dance, camping, and events.
Kustaa Kolmannen tie 75 (Kisaranta), Kangasala
+358 3-3140 40 00

Moomin Valley

Tove Janssons original drawings, Moominhouse, three-dimensional tableaux, diavision, multivision. The multimedia programs Faerie House and the original Moomin Valley. Part of the permanent exhibition is renewed annually.
Hämeenpuisto 20, (Tammerfors stadsbibliotek, egen ingång), Tampere
+358 3-5656 65 78

Museicenter Vapriikki (Museum)

Exhibitions on everything from archeology to contemporary art, to craftsmanship of technology and nature.
Veturiaukio 4 (Tampella-området), Tampere
+358 3-5656 69 66

Spy Museum

The only special museum in this field in all of Scandinavia. Espionage history and present: cipher machines, tapping machines, lie detectors, spy cameras, Agent weapons, radios, air reconnaissance. Spies and spy stories from all over the world.
Satakunnankatu 18 B, Tampere
+358 3-212 30 07

Tammerfors Art Museum-Birkalands Regional Art Museum

Alternating exhibitions, visual arts from Finland and abroad.
Puutarhakatu 34, Tampere
+358 3-5656 65 77

The Museum has Everything

The museum has everything: past, present and a glimpse to the future. The museums in Tampere tell of the past, the people, about art and artists, the industry and technology, the mummies, the media, about pucks and stones, shoes and coffee cups, about boxers and female gymnasts.

Go to a museum, find yourself and the world. Start with these:


Let the Waves Rock You

The Tampere region has three thousand lakes and in the city of Tampere limits there are 200! So climb aboard a motor boat, a steamboat, or why not an authentic warships - and go with the flow.

A half-hour ferry ride from the city center awaits Viikinsaari, Tampere residents summer island, a great place for a picnic.

You can take a cruise of the lakes in the vicinity of Tampere and takes a few hours while enjoying the beautiful scenery and a good lunch or dinner. Program cruises offer a range of music, drama, adventure and entertainment.

On ships with regular service, you can travel the magnificent landscape route from Tampere to Virrat. To the South, through the beautiful Finnish cultural landscape, the Silver Line's blue and white vessels take you to Hämeenlinna.


A Guided Tour is the Key to the City

Jump on the bus or book your own guide that can teach you quickly about the city. A guided tour is always worth the price.

Contact the Tourist Office for information on times and prices.

Bon appetit!

Shimmering silver fish from the clear lakes, red glancing crayfish, the green forests tasty gifts of wild raspberries to chanterelles, meat from nearby farms and flavors of juicy vegetables grown during the bright Nordic summer.

Enjoy the many restaurants in Tampere and authentic tastes from the Finnish cuisine, For example, zander or freshwater salmon, deer or other wildlife, local cheeses and wines made from Nordic berries.

On the Tampere multicultural restaurant map, you will find many alternatives and many other ethnic cuisines: American, Egyptian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Cretan, Russian, Thai, Hyvää ruokahalua!

Choose Your Language

If we are unable to satisfy you, we can find someone whom suits your needs for both themes and attractions.

Tampere professional tour guides will guide not only in Swedish but also in Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and German.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sauna (A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body)

A soft and beautiful steam sizzles from the hot stones on the bench and hear the soft whooshing sound from the fragrant birch brooms when they help to chase away all the stress. The sauna purifies body and soul. No wonder why a Finn feels that he is born again after each sauna.

In Tampere, you can experience this miracle in the elegant spa at your own hotel, in the swimming halls saunas, in the old city neighborhood working sauna or in a genuine Finnish sauna by the sea. It is ideal to book a sauna for you and your group. GoTampere can tell you more!

Music, Maestro Please!

Tampere Hall is the vibrant and singing heart of the city's music scene. Scandinavia's largest concert and congress center serves as home to both the Tampere Philharmonic and Opera, and every year hosts about two hundred guest concerts.

The restored cathedral has outstanding acoustics and is particularly appropriate for an organ and choir. Concerts are arranged during the Christmas season and also in the city's other churches. Kaleva Church's specialty is Summer Concerts during those bright summer nights. Tampere Conservatoire and Pirkanmaa Music Institute are also among the main concert halls.

Nokia or Nokia?

Choose both! The exciting new Nokia and Nokia tour unveils the mobile giant's birthplace and tells of its earliest phases, beginning in the 1800s. We tour the beach landscape around Tammerkoski rapids but also with our neighboring city where Nokia's global conquest began.

Today, Nokia employs thousands of people at various sites in Tampere and the surrounding area. We visit these places during the tour also.

Pre-Booked Tours

Book a guided tour or walking tour for yourself or your group any time of year. You can comfortably see the city by taxi or bus and during the summer, also from the city train or a boat. A tour is a good option during the warm season when you want to learn about a particular topic or a specific area.

In a nutshell, the basic round trip tours of Tampere are the best choice for those visiting the city for the first time: after an extensive presentation, it is easy to continue to familiarize yourself with the city on your own.

In addition, there are a countless number of tours with various themes, such as tours about Tampere's history, culture, buildings, industries and schools.

The city's industrial tradition is very rich with tales of the cotton textile industry in stages, from shirts to paper, from spruce to the board and the development of wood processing. And Tampella - born out of the rapids - highlights hydropower engineering and industry history.

The Czar's footsteps tells about the time when the inland was a grand duchy and belonged to the Imperial Russian Empire. Red Tampere shows cities Finnish labor movement center. Memories of war and returning to the time when the city was a battleground.

Tampere Art Nouveau presents the city's main style direction while Pietilä architecture presents Tamperes famous architect couples' life's work. At church tour we tour the city's Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim shrines.

For nature lovers and trekkers, we present Pispala and Pyynikki ridge along with Hatanpää arboretum and rose garden is a good choice.


Nice souvenirs and gifts, unique products, reasonably priced books, Finnish design and international quality. Shopping bags fill easily and quickly from the small boutiques and specialty shops, the museum shops, flea markets, antique stores, factory stores, department stores and large shopping malls offering a wide variety of goods.

And do not forget: the Market Square and Market Hall with its counters filled with all kinds of delicacies. The small shop in the alleys and Kehräsaari Stallbacken workshops where you can buy jewelry, local crafts and gifts.

Take a Coffee Break

Pullakahvit is a Finnish must for all to try: take a cup of the national drink, light-roasted coffee, and add a slice of a fresh wheat crisp that is part of the tammerforsares daily life.

You may also want to try one of the homemade confectioneries in Tampere, sit down and enjoy a steaming drink with a juicy korvapuusti, and a cinnamon bun.

The Summer Tours

During the summer, sightseeing buses depart everyday from outside the Tourist Info which is next to the train station. During the one and half hour-long tour, you will see the best of Tampere, the beautiful lake and ridges, the most significant architecture and the main attractions in a comfortable way.

The tour includes attractions such as Cathedral, Kaleva Church, Tampere Hall or the Metso Library. Guides are available in Finnish and English. No advance booking required.

Theatrical Magic and Enchantment of the Silver Screen

Tampere is Finland's theater capital and alot happens throughout the year. Do not let language be a barrier, even if the performances are given in Finnish. Drama, international languages, particularly the musical, is universal.

Fantastic outdoor theater and on a bright summer night you can experience the Pyynikki summer. Its rotating scene moves the audience from one event to another, while nature's mighty scenery ranges from Pyhäjärvis Lakes wide bays to the stately pines of the majestic ridge, coming up from the Ice Age.

The summer season's high point occurs in August at the annual event Tampere summer theater, when the season's gems from Finland and the world are presented.

During the period from September to May you can enjoy both contemporary Finnish and international performing arts classics at TT-theater, TTT theater and Tampere Comedy Theater.

The language is not a major problem at the cinemas: in Finland all shows are in their original language with Finnish text.

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