Welcome to Tomelilla - An Experience in Österlen!

Tourism - An Experience in Österlen
Tomelilla in Österlen has a gentle landscape and to the East and South the fertile plains meet the blue Baltic Sea. This open perspective and sea presence creates an intense light - a light that has always attracted artists and writers here for it’s unique beauty.

In Tomelilla, you are close to attractions, activities, events and shopping. We have Christinehofs Castle with the Ecopark, Tosselilla Sommarland-Skåne’s largest amusement park with Waterland, one of Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses, world’s smallest film museum - Hasse & Tage Museum, Bo Ohlssons - Skåne’s largest discount department store, Bicycle Trolley and Steam Engine adventures, hiking and bicycle routes through the beautiful nature, excellent food and accommodation in castles and estates, markets, major events and much more. Very good train and bus connections.

Welcome to Tomelilla - An experience in Österlen and we can even assist you with accommodations.

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Welcome to Tomelilla in Österlen - An Experience in Österlen!

Tomelilla in Österlen has a gentle landscape, to the East and South the fertile plains meet the blue Baltic Sea. This open perspective and sea presence creates an intense light - a light that has always attracted artists and writers for it's unique beauty.

In Tomelilla, you are close to attractions, activities, events and shopping. We have; Christinehofs Castle with the Ecopark, Tosselilla Sommarland - Skåne's largest amusement park with Waterland, one of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses, the world's smallest film museum - Hasse & Tage Museum, Skåne's largest discount department store - Bo Ohlssons. Bicycle Trolley and Steam Engine adventures, hiking and bicycle routes through the beautiful nature, excellent food and accommodation in castles and estates, markets, major events and much more. Very good train and bus connections.

Welcome to Tomelilla - An experience in Österlen and we can even assist you with accommodations.

See and Do

Family Activities

Guided Culinary Tour

Guided Culinary Tour just north of Brösarps Hills. Experience and enjoy something new and totally unique! A relaxing Culinary Tour through the beautiful countryside. The trip goes through both forest and beautiful open landscape. In several places along the way, you are served a picnic of Scanian delicacies. Delicious samples from small food producers in Skåne. You will experience innovative and Scanian culinary food. Alot of food to enjoy and served on real china. Culinary Tours are 4 kilometers and 7 kilometers (approximately 5-6 hours.) Monica Frangeur leads the Cuisine Tour and is known as an inspiring and knowledgeable guide. It is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday, make it part of a creative conference, or just relax with friends and acquaintances. Reservations via the website or by telephone. Dress for the weather! Comfortable walking shoes. Hilly terrain. Restrooms are located at the parking lot. For dates and times, see events or their own homepage. Admission. Reservations.
Drakamöllan - Brösarps Hills
Drakamöllan - Brösarps Backar

Hiking and Cycling Trails

Hiking and Cycling Trails through the beautiful countryside for self-paced or with a guide. Plenty of options to choose from - pick the one best for you! More information at

Horseback Riding

There are five horse farms offering everything from Riding Tours to Riding Camps. More information at

Rail Cycle (Draisine)

Ride a Rail Cycle on an abandoned rail through the beautiful Österlen landscape. Start at the railway crossing, road 11 at Österlen Folkhögskola (University). Distance: 19 kilometers roundtrip, 2 persons / car. Reservations. Fee.

Alternatively S.t Olof-Gyllebosjö.
Distance 14 kilometers roundtrip, same times as above and same booking requirements as above. Possibility for a "Leisure Conference" and access to local tracks near St: Olof or Fyledalen. Tomelilla-Fyledalen.
+46 417-102 52

The Steam Train in Österlen-Railway Museum

The Scanian Railway is a historical path between Brösarp and Saint Olof through Österlen in Skåne. Steam train drawn wagons. A living technical history from grandfather's time - nostalgic. Special events such as The Sweet fifties, Train Digging Days, The Seasons End, Christmas Train and much more. More information on the website.
Brösarps Station, n Brösarp, skylt v 19, Brösarp
+46 414-730 15

Tosselilla - Skånes Summerland

Adventure for young and old! Waterland with seven waterchutes, bumper boats, Tarzan Climb, jumping pillows, canoes, go-carts, professional racing track, mini-cars for the little ones, barbecue area, restaurant. Beautiful surroundings with plenty of places to rest and enjoy a picnic on the green grass - a bit away from all the excitement. Events such as Children's Day and Tosselilla Days. Open during the summer.
3 km nv, Tomelilla
+46 417-140 40




Bondrumsgården (Historical Skåne Farm)

Bondrumsgården is one of the oldest and most authentically preserved homesteads in Skåne, the oldest part is from 1767. The farm is a half-timbered, four-winged farm made of oak, with a reed and straw roof and the walls are made of baked mud or burnt bricks. One side is preserved in it's original condition and filled with braided juniper twigs. The inner courtyard is covered with cobblestones. The Farm has been owned by the same family for six generations and now cared for by Bondrumsgårdens Historical Society. There are lots of interesting agricultural and ornamental objects. Bondrumsgårdens could eventually replace the Ravlunda farm that burned down at Skansen. It was scheduled to be moved in 1972, but after strong local protests, the plan was abandoned.
For schedule / tours, see our website.
Other exhibitons / guided tours by appointment.
Bondrum, Fågeltofta
+46 417-230 17

Glimmebodagården (Historical Skåne Farm)

A four-winged farm originally from the 1700's and typical of the different construction methods developed in northern Albo. The outside walls are of gray stone and the walls to the inner yard are half-timbered pine. The rest of the farm is built of half-timbered oak and the roof is of reeds and straw.
The dwelling is probably the oldest. The farm has a time-faithful decor and furnishings. A rare untouched environment of the farm and landscape as it was during the mid-1800s. Courses in linseed oil production. Today, the farm is owned by Assi Domain, and managed by Albo Härad Hembygdsförening (Historical Society) since 1 February 1989. For schedule / tours, see
www.tomelilla.se/evenemang/. Other exhibitions / tours by appointment.
Glimmebodavägen, nv Brösarp, mot Hörröd, Brösarp
+46 414-731 21

Hasse & Tage Museum

The comedy pair of Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielson were in several films during the 70s and 80s in Tomelilla, which included; "The Apple War," "The Silly Murderer," and "Jim and the Pirates Blom." In "Picasso's Adventure," the square in Tomelilla was made to look like Madrid, Paris, London, New York and the Riviera with the help of Per Åhlin glass paintings. They had all their film premiers at the Rio Cinema.

During the summer of 2006, it was obvious that the Hasse & Tage Museum, would be located in Tomelilla. Hasse Alfredson was present at the inauguration of the museum, which also included props from the films. The museum offers everyone to become nostalgic, laugh, cry, look, amaze and impress, facinate and spread joy, which were made with the soul and creative powers of these two stars stunning productions. While waiting to enter the museum, visitors can take the Hasse & Tage-walk in Tomelilla, visit the Art Museum and much more.
Torget 14, Tomelilla
+46 417-18110

Nostalgic Café from the 50's - 10 Year Celebration

Museum with a variety of memorabilia from the 50s. Here you can see, experience, and perhaps even remember the 50's as it once was. The museum contains a nostalgia exhibition of mopeds, toys, radios, TV, jukebox, tractors, machinery, cars, country store, carpentry, garage, oil cans, etc.. Everything from the 50's. Café. Groups and Large parties need to make reservations. Car and motorcycle enthusiast meet every evening during the summer.
Tryde, Tomelilla
+46 708-66 67 52

Onslunda Historical Museum with Bristle Museum

The museum is situated on a farm with dwellings from the late 1800s. Collections from the turn of the century exhibit household items, furniture, farm tools and wagons. You can also see authentic exhibitions showing business, classroom, bristle binding and weaving from the 1800s. Europe Unique Bristle Museum - Onslunda is an old bristle binding village. The Bristle Museum is the first and only one of its kind in Sweden. Here is everything needed for brush-making. Hand brush-sets, semi-automatic brush making, many different kinds of brushes.
Onslunda, 27303 Tomelilla
+46 417-30060

Tomelilla Byagård

The farm is from the 1850s and is the only remaining farm from the original seven in Tomelilla. Per Jönsson was the last owner, and in 1926 the farm was purchased by the Tomelilla Byagård Association. The farm consists of four long-winged buildings of half-timber and has straw-covered roofs. The farm also has a collection of old kitchen utensils and tools. For schedules / tours, see our website.
Other exhibitions / tours by appointment.
+46 417-127 40, +46 708-133 986



Brösarps Hills

Brösarps Hills - the scene of Nangijalas grand finale. For the final scenes in Astrid Lindgren's "The Brothers Lejonhjärtaö," the film crew searched for a place that reflected the story's ending where the two brothers would fight against the evil knight, Tengil. They chose Brösarps Hills in Skåne. The green hills and open fields were perfect for the dramatic movies ending. Brösarps Hills are close to the Skåne trails which leads to both the sea and the mountainy hills. There are lots of beautiful flowers during the summer and it is also a perfect place for a picnic. For those who want to experience Brösarps Hills, you will find genuine Inns which offer a range of exciting and inspiring activities.

Walking and cycling trails, packages and tours can be arranged. For schedules / tours, see our website. Other exhibitions / tours upon agreement. Contact Tomelilla Tourist Office for more info.
+46 417-181 10

Christinehofs Ecopark

Christinehofs Ecopark includes the natural and cultural landscape around Christinehofs Castle. At the park's center, you can find the well preserved Christinehof Castle from the 1700s. On the walk from the castle is Alunbrukets unique industrial community, Verkeåns Nature Reserve with vast forests for hiking. It also boasts Verkasalo Lake which is very popular with anglers and outdoor lovers. In order to create additional space for the biodiversity around Christinehofs castle there is now the Borstakärrs Wetlands. A comprehensive nature conservation projekt which resulted in a 25-hectare wetland area with a variety of habitats. The overall purpose of Christinehofs Ecopark is to protect, nurture and develop the great natural and cultural values found in the area. Christinehofs Ecopark cooperates with authorities, organizations and entrepreneurs to create the best conditions for achieving their overall objectives.

An important step is to raise public interest in environmental, natural and cultural issues. Hiking-/Cycling Trails, packages and tours can be arranged. For schedules / tours, see the website. Other
tours / guided tours by appointment.
Andrarum, Brösarp
+46 417-263 70


Fyledalen is a deep valley which is along the boundries between Tomelilla, Ystad and Sjöbo Municipalities. The area has a lot of biological and geological values. Because of its depth, it has a special climate. Early spring can be very warm, especially in the northern part of the valley. It is favorable for species requiring alot of heat. Even the special soil in the valley helps make many rare species thrive here. The high natural values are mainly related to the old beech forest. The long continuity is a benefit for several endangered species.

The valley has a reputation as one of Northern Europe's finest locations for birds of prey and is under the Nordic Council as one of Sweden's ten most valuable natural areas. During weekends, it is not uncommon to see visitors from several other European countries. Avoid the canyon's eastern slope between Benestad hills and Stenby – there is an excellent view of the area from Lyckås road, heading north. Parking is possible at the old brick mill where the road from Tomelilla comes down into the valley.

For many people, the finest experience of Fyledalen is by bicycle trolley which takes you along the old railway from Tomelilla and down into the valley. The railway passes through Trydeån, which has a fantastic view from the bridge down into Trydeåns valley.

Hiking-/Cycling trails, packages and tours are arranged. For schedules / tours, see our website. Other tours by appointment. Contact Tomelilla Tourist Office for more info.
+46 417-181 10

Skogsbacken with Salmon Staircase (Nature Park)

Skogsbacken (The Forest Hill) is a nature park centrally situated along the Välabäckens route. In the creek, the salmon swim playfully upstream and both the Kingfisher and the white throated dipper stay over the winter. The forest holds a wide variety of trees such as beech, pines, spruce and more. The trees are key elements which are very appealing and give the area almost a tropical impression. Skogsbacken trails are used for walking and running. Its central location makes it easily accessible for school children and the elderly. At the bottom part of the creek is an impressive staircase for salmon to swim upstream, which was built in connection with the reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant in the mid-80s.

This staircase has ten steps. By making the water deeper just below the actual step helps the fish to jump up to the next step. The steps help the fish around barriers and to continue upstream to normal water and the mainstream. In the autumn, you can see them waiting in line to get up the staircase and further upstream to find suitable spawning grounds. If you are lucky you may see them take a leap up to the next step!

The sea trout prefer to swim after a rain, when the rivers are full with water. The best time to see migrating sea trout is between September 1 and December 31. During this time the sea trout are protected. In order to fish for sea trout in freshwater, a fishing license is required.

Hiking-/Cycling trails, packages and tours are arranged. For schedules / tours, see website. Other tours by appointment. Contact Tomelilla Tourist Office for more info.
Skogsbacken, Tomelilla
+46 417-181 10

Verkeåns Nature Reserve

Verkeåns Nature Reserve is one of Skåne's largest nature reserves and extends over the three municipalities - Tomelilla, Simrishamn and Kristianstad. The largest part is in Tomelilla Municipality. The reserve also includes, among other things, Brösarps southern and northern slopes. Almost the entire area is of national interest for both outdoor life and for the nature. A number of places offer a breathtaking view over the Verkeåns Valley. The river is known for its unique fish and bird life, such as the Kingfisher which is regularly seen here.

The Verkeån River rises to Linderöd ridge and then down 5 miles toward the sea. Skåne's highest waterfall is at Hallamölla and measures 23 meters. Because of land use in the basin, Verkeån is less affected by pollution than many other Scanian waterfalls. The strong currents in the river create a lot of oxygen which contributes to an interesting wildlife. The salmon swim to Hallamölla, which has a permanent barrier but there is a spawning ground upstream. In addition to trout, there is also sculpins, minnows, pike, perch and eels.

In the spring, the hills are blooming with cowslips, Pasque flowers and Dianthus. The Northern and Southern hills of Brösarp have fantastic views over the surrounding countryside. The broad heather and grass heaths offer an exciting flora and fauna due to its long cultural history, cultivation and grazing. Brösarp Hills is one of the municipality's most famous natural sites and include large parts of other nature reserve, in the Skåne Trails. An interesting fact to mention is that the area once had plans to build a sort of amusement park with holiday cottages, golf, ski slope, RV camping, etc. The planned amusement park was inspired by Hasse and Tage to make the movie “The Apple War.” The film called “The Brothers Lionheart,” by Astrid Lindgren's world famous book, was partially recorded in the area. Brösarps Hills has been symbolized as “Nangijala.”
+46 417-181 10


Tomelilla City Park

The Park is from 1920. City Gardener, Per A. Nilsson, had an eye for the exotic and choose rare trees and shrubs for the park. The snödroppsträdet (The snow drop trees) bloom in May. Rows of tulip trees. Ailanthus (tree of heaven) , Japanese magnolia, cork trees and rhubarb poplar. Guided tours during the summer. For more info, contact the Tomelilla Tourist Office. The park also can arrange tours by agreement.
Rosencrantzgatan, Tomelilla
+46 417-181 10

Worth Seeing

Bollerups Borg

Owned by the Due Family during the 1200’s, but was inherited by their relatives called Krognos in 1401. The castle is on an island and surrounded by a moat. It has been extensively rebuilt and used as agricultural school since the late 1800s. The castle is well worth seeing. The Northern building, as well as the moat and the church with its round tower, are from the Middle Ages, whereas the new dwelling house was built around 1850.

During Scanians Sören Norby uprising in 1525, the castle was burnt down but soon rebuilt again. In 1502, Olof Stigsen Krognos daughters wedding, Magdalene, was held here and she married the Swedish Council Tyge Axelsen Brahe, whom was the owner of the neighboring castle called Tosterup. The bride was dressed in golden velvet, pearl embroidery and ermine. The guest’s were served meat from 10 oxen, 40 lambs and maybe even an equal of pigs. Fish was delivered, as well as butter and honey. They also drank; 17,268 liters of beer, 1,510 liters of mead and 1,390 liters of wine, Rhine and French.

Today, Bollerup is an agricultural institution associated with a large agricultural and land management university which also offers a very unique nature guide education in cooperation with the municipal adult education. Family hiking in July with the tours of the church, castle and stables. Info Booklet is available for the tours.
Bollerup, Tomelilla
+46 417-185 00

Christinehofs Castle

Originally built 1737-1740 in the German Baroque style and was called “Andrarum Estate” from the beginning but later named after the proprietor Christina Piper. In 1725, she took over “Andrarums Alunbruk,” which under her leadership became Skåne's largest industry. The castle is located a few miles North of Tomelilla.

In 1725, Christina Piper bought Andrarums Castle from Jockum Beck whom was ruined by war and hard times. Christina Piper already owned a number of castles, and in 1740 Christinehofs Castle was built. During her management, it became an Alum Mill, which later became Skåne's largest industry. Production consisted of "Alum," a salt used in leather tanning and as mordents for dyeing textiles. At least 1000 people worked at the mill. During the 1800s, the practice began to lose importance, and in 1912 production ceased completely.

In the vicinity of Christinehof, you will find Agusastugan, a small mill on five acres and from the beginning of the 1800s. Agusastugan, which is now a museum, shows how the poor mill workers lived. Today, the castle is operated by Högestad and Christinehofs Management AB, Andrarum. Open during the summer, with the possibility of guided tours and coffee.
Andrarum, Brösarp
+46 417-263 70

Kronovalls Castle

The castle was built in the 1890s, from the drawings by architect Isak Gustaf Clason in the French Baroque style. Clason also drew the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. Count Carl Gustaf Sparre built the castle on an islet of water graves. The castle has been rented since 1996 by Åkesson & Sons Wine AB. After an extensive external and internal renovation, it is now turned into a “wine castle." Eight meters below the surface, the cellar houses thousands of bottles of Swedish sparkling wine. At Kronovall, you will find a restaurant, a hotel and a wine café with outdoor seating. A wine festival is held annually from June-August. You can buy the products in the boutique. Since 1998, it has been operated by Petri Pumpkin Vinslottets with a hotel, restaurant and conferencing activities. Wine tasting available year round.
+46 417-197 10

Övraby Mölla (Mill)

The mill (a so-called Dutch mill) was built in 1887. When it was built, it was a necessity for the district. Today, you can buy old-fashioned stone grounded flour during Mölle days in the summer, when the mill is back into use.
Övraby, Tomelilla
+46 411-55 12 06


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