Welcome to Jönköpings Municipality!

As a tourist in Jönköping, you have many interesting day in front of you. This is in addition to swimming, fishing, a wonderful nature museum with many interesting topics such as birds, radios, and matches - along with the district’s history.

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Welcome till Jönköpings Municipality!

As a tourist in Jönköping, you have many interesting day in front of you. This is in addition to swimming, fishing, a wonderful nature museum with many interesting topics such as birds, radios, and matches - along with the district's history.

See and Do



Take a wonderful dip in one of our beautiful bathing places: Attarpsbadet Brunstorpsbadet Kumlabybadet Norrahammars Sportcenter Stadsgårdsbadet

Rosenlundsbadet (Bathing)

Visit this water adventure and dabble around in the water. You can also relax and enjoy a sauna or massage.
Elmiavägen 4, Jönköping
+46 36-10 70 34



In Jönköping, there is fish for all tastes. Take the opportunity to fish in any of our little inland lakes, or why not take a boat trip out on Lake Vättern? Species that you can catch are pike, perch, pike-perch, trout and the famous "vätterrödingen".


Apartment Museum

If you long to be back in the 1970s, then welcome to our apartment museum on Råslätt! Take a step back to the time when the color-TV and stereos was something new, when home computers and mobile phones did not exist. In our apartment lived a young couple - it was their first apartment and they had taken a state loan of 5000 kronor to buy furniture. All was not new, little some was brought from home. The rent was high, 500 kronor per month, although electricity and heat were included.

Brush Museum, Bankeryd

In Bygdemuseet, there is an exhibition about brush production, which during much of the past century was one of Bankeryd's most important industries. Bankeryd is the center of brush production in Sweden. Almost all Swedish brush production is done in Bankeryd. Harry Isaksson started the brush production in Bankeryd, in the early 1920s.
Bankeryds Hembygdsgård, Jönköping
+46 36-37 74 76

Ebba Ramsey and Vilhelmsro Institutional Museum

The museum in Wilhelmsro displays a memorial consisting of photographs and text on Wilhelmsros history and its founder Ebba Ramsay. The program includes a number of old objects. Wilhelmsro was Sweden's first ward and orphanage for epileptics.
+46 36-37 93 65

Grenna Museum

In the gallery you can see photos, sculptures and paintings. One floor below ground level, is the Polar Center and the André Expedition, among other things, feel the ice cold winds from the Engineer Andrées fatal balloon flight to the North Pole and take part in the predictions of the mystery surrounding the expedition. In the Polar Center, immerse yourself into Andreés experiences during the end of the 1800s, which has helped strengthen the interest in the Polar world more than ever today. In the local section of the museum, meet Amalia, one of Sweden's first female entrepreneurs, whom so strongly believed in selling her polkagris (candy), she even wrote a letter to the king to get permission. Also take part in the Gränna regions rich historical heritage legacy surrounding Count Per Brahe. The museum has developed special road signs to assist you. Do not hesitate to conclude your visit to the museum with a cup of coffee and a newly baked cinnamon bun.
Brahegatan, Gränna
+46 390-410 15

Husqvarna Factory Museum

The fascinating 300-year history of the Husqvarna company, visualized with a variety of products and production equipment. It all started with muskets and other weapons for the Swedish army. In 1872, sewing machines were added, soon followed by stoves and a multitude of cast iron household items, bicycles, motorcycles and many other products. The museum opened 27 April 1993. On 14 March 2005, it was newly inaugurated as the museum, and expanded to 2,400 square meters with a new handicapped entrance, new foyer and the new exhibition hall.
Hakarpsvägen 1, Huskvarna
+46 36-14 61 62

John Bauer

At Jönköping's County Museum are paintings and sketches of the world-famous artist John Bauer. Several of his most famous paintings and water paintings are displayed in the permanent John Bauer exhibition, not least the images from story painting "Among gnomes and trolls." The artists life and art are presented through the sketches, photographs, letters and other artistic works. In John Bauer Story wardrobe, turns the children into dancing princesses, knights, trolls and other mythical figures. Take a walk through the timeless forests from long ago, and be care not to stumble over the winding tree roots!
Dag Hammarskjölds plats 2, Jönköping
+46 36-30 18 00

Leos Hockey Museum

From Stefa to HV71. Ice Hockey history in Jönköping - photos, newspaper articles and equipment. The business is privately owned.
Framtiden Wilhelmsro, Jönköping
+46 36-37 93 65

Matchstick Museum

The world's only matchstick museum is in Jönköping. The museum is situated near Lake Vättern's southern shore, and is housed in a beautiful wooden building from 1848 - which was the first match in the city. Here is the living matchstick history. You will encounter both people and machines that built up industry and developed it into a global company. Here you'll find slide shows and thousands of boxes and labels.
Tändsticksgränd 27, Jönköping
+46 36-105543

Munksjö Museum

A visit to the museum is a trip back in the mill's history and to industrial mans' childhood. It tells about the people who got the wheels to roll, worked daily lives but also worked on machinery and technology. Much is devoted to the first manager Ottonin Ljungqvist, his family and household. See Ottonin's copper box that was found in the chimney!
Barnarpsgatan 41, Jönköping
+46 36-30 33 00

Printing Museum

A living museum that will give you an experience beyond the ordinary in terms of the printed word's history. We begin in the mid-1400's when the German Johan Gutenberg invented the lead type and printed the 42-series of the Bible. Publishings first masterpiece. Here are the "träplattor" (wooden plates) in which different molds were cut out to reproduce an event or a portrait for the press. We show how the "kasten" boxes with different compartments for each letter - plucked letter by letter to form words and sentences for printing. We have a designed lead setting machine from the late 1800s, and with it we can bring the text from a keyboard, and then cast the whole lines of text. You can see the entire production cycle in the manufacturing of a daily newspaper before the process was computerized in the 1970s. There are a number of older printing machines in operation which shows us the printing craftsmanship.
Brahegatan 28, Gränna
+46 390-101 90

Radio Museum

The exhibition covers the period when the first broadcast was sent in 1923, in Jönköping and up until the present. Some examples are: Erik's first radio built 1923 Early receivers, apparatuses and radio development to the present day, unique tv receiver, functioning phonograph, gramophones, wire and tape recorders. Mobile phones. Communication equipment for marine, aviation and the army.
Tändsticksgränd 16, Jönköping
+46 36-71 39 59

The Bird Museum

The Bird Museum is housed in a beautiful red brick building since 1914 and has an amazing collection of birds and eggs - no less than 1458 birds of 341 species. The egg collection includes 281 species.
Jönköpings stadspark
+46 36-12 99 83

Visingsö Museum

Old Braheskolan (School) on the island Visingsö, is rich in culture and has a unique history. It was built in 1663 as Visingsö's courthouse and today operates as a museum. Here you can get a glimpse of Visingsö history. A booth shows items from the old school library, transferred to Jönköping and Växjö in the early 1800s. It also highlights, Visingsö from the Middle Ages, the castle at Näs, the churches on the island, Visingsborg castle and the county. There is also an oil painting from the 1600s representing the Braheska family tree and a video on Visingsö
Braheskolan-Visingsö folkhögskola
+46 390-566 00


Hiking Trails

Take a walk on one of our hiking trails throughout Jönköpings Municipality and see our beautiful nature: Bankerydsleden, 21 km Combitechleden, 30 km Dumme mosseleden, 10 km Hallbyleden, 2,5 km Holavedsleden, 59 km John Bauerleden, 50 km Pustaleden, 2,5 km Södra Vätterleden, 35 km

Worth Seeing

Rasmus Mill in Röttle

Rasmus Mill is a water driven flour mill in operation that can be showed by our skilled personnel. Rasmus Mill has been renovated and restored to its original condition. Its three water wheels and an equal number of mill stones grind the grain - serving, and guided tours are normally handled during the summer months. The Mill building is made of stone and built in 1662 and became a mill around 1700.
+46 390-410 15


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